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DIY Halloween Wreath for under $10.00

DIY HALLOWEEN WREATH for under $10.00 at Dollar Tree

Living in a tiny house, the decorating options can not be as extravagant as I may want at times. I am always looking for ways to decorate, while keeping the space available in my home. One of the easiest ways to decorate for the upcoming season is with a wreath and this DIY Halloween Wreath is the perfect way to welcome all the ghosts and ghouls of the season.

This was an easy, project that took about 4-5 hours, and I know you will love it!

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DIY Wine Cork Pumpkin


If there is one craft supply that is in abundance at my house, it is corks. I have family that only drink’s wine and the corks get saved for me. Since, Fall is upon us, and so I thought i would make a DIY Cork Pumpkin for my Fall decorating.

This was an easy, relaxing project that I know you will love!

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Limoneira Lemon Uses and Review

Limoneira Lemons – Uses Review and Giveaway

Limoniera LemonsOne of my favorite scents in the entire world is lemons. There is no scent like lemon and it instantly evoke images of bright yellow color and a citrus filled fresh scent.

Since we are the humans to two cats that like to jump on counters, couches, beds and anything else that could be construed as a bed, safety in cleaning products is key. One day is occurred to me that my favorite scent was as versatile as it was good smelling.

Since I am on a quest to make the surfaces, and environment of our home safer for the humans and the cats, I was more them willing to receive a box of lemons from Limoneira Company to experiment with.

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Need a box? Look in your freezer

Turn a Corn Dog Box into Functional Storage

Stamps 1Anybody who knows me knows I am constantly looking for ways to turn trash to treasure. I have a TON of craft supplies and really not a lot of space in which to store it in, so since space is a commodity I am always looking for creative uses of the space that is available.

We love corn dogs around here, and the cardboard boxes they come in are actually a good quality of cardboard! I have a ton of stamps and they needed a home. I have been saving these corn dog boxes and using them in my store-room and then it came to me: RECOVER THEM!!!!

The box is a colorful so I knew I needed either dark paper or thick paper so I would not have any color bleed through.

I chose a green butterfly wrapping paper (from Current – LOVE THEIR PAPER!!)

Corn Dog Coming TogetherI began wrapping it, using two separate pieces of enough paper to wrap a box (the paper, if not on a roll, will come in this size by default). I cut about 5-6 inches off the long side and began wrapping. I folded the edges over the box and taped the entire length of the interior of the box.

In ProcessWhen I was done, this was what I ended up with, and it took me about 20 minutes to wrap the whole thing.

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BuddhiBox Monthly Subscription Review – November 2015 Box

BuddhiBox Monthly Subscription Review  – November 2015 Box

November Buddhi BoxThe truth of the matter is that we humans are only on this earth for a short time, and unless we make a impact or a change generation ahead are going to be in a worse world then now. My husband was taught a lesson in camping, that I believe applies to life  – Leave the campsite better then you found it. I think that this is really a lesson that applies to everyday life, not just once a year.

If we continue our destructive and somewhat careless lifestyles, then we are leaving a worse world for generations to come. We need to continue the kindness to others, continue to learn about things we do not understand, and pass on the good in human nature then things are going to get worse. That is one reason I look forward to my monthly Buddhi Box – these are messages that are important in the yoga world.

I recently received the November Buddhi Box and I am beyond impressed. Earlier in the year, I had the opportunity to review previous boxes (click here) and they are always a fun adventure in the yoga lifestyle. The message is always one of compassion, and understanding and living a pure life.

After the breast cancer theme of last month, we are back to the familiar bright green tissue paper. This month came with 3 cardboard information cards that are in full color and on thick glossy card stock. The first card was the Yoga pose of “Scale Pose” that shows the pose in full color, as well as the benefits about the pose. These pose cards are made especially for BuddhiBox – click here for a interview with their creator.  There is a recipe for a “Pumpkin Spice Cashew Cups” that is made using only 5 ingredients that creates pumpkin spice cashew cups that are similar in shape to cupcakes. The final information card included was a box content listing and on the other side the following quote:

You have no cause for anything but gratitude and joy  – The Buddha

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Paper Goods Projects Book Review

Let me start by saying that the products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of BloggingforBooks. This in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

Paper Goods Projects:

Coffee Filters Flowers, Doily Butterflies, Cupcake Paper Cards, and 57 more crafts made with supermarket finds


Paper Goods Projects BookI have always seen something that many people consider trash and seen the potential in it. I have always taken trash items and tried to create something meaningful out of it. I tend to keep these type items for use down the line. A great example of this is a situation that occurred today: I have been collecting Coke Reward Points for quite sometime, which means I have A LOT of caps around. I have been diligently washing them and drying them with the intention of making something great.

Today I had to come to the harsh reality that my collection skills far surpassed my imagination. I decided to turn to the pin board online to see if any inspiration would hit – it did not. What I saw was projects that looked more trash than treasure.

I mention often how timing in life is a funny thing, and again I am reminded that life is truly random but amazing. I received a book that takes me trash to treasure concept and makes it into something amazing – Paper Goods Projects: Coffee Filter Flowers, Doily Butterflies, Cupcake Paper Cards, and 57 More Crafts Made with Supermarket Finds.

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Crafting with Wood Pallets Review

Crafting with Wood Pallets Review and Giveaway

Crafting with Wood PalletsIf you are anything like me, you have not given wood pallets much more then a passing thought. When I brought this topic up to Jason he almost laughed while confirming that yes, in fact he knew about pallets and they were more then a passing thought in his world.

When Jason was younger, apparently much younger, he would rally his friends together and they would go to a secluded area known as Spooks Canyon. Now remember this was in the day BEFORE cell phones, email and mass messaging so this really was a feat when anywhere from 50-100 people would show up. In a secluded area the need for fire sustainment is essential and since Jason had a truck he was the official wood pallet collector. Over the years he estimates that he had gathered and used close to 1,000 pallets if not more.

Naturally when I recently received the new book by Becky Lamb entitled “Crafting with Wood Pallets: Projects for Rustic Furniture, Decor, Art, Gifts and More” I remembered the stories of Jason’s pallet collection days. While different and much more usable then Jason’s use of pallets, this new book shows the reader over 25 different ideas to re-purpose a wood pallet.

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The Brush Naked Bamboo Toothbrush Holiday Giveaway!!

The Brush Naked Bamboo Toothbrush Holiday Giveaway!!


Back in August I had the opportunity to review The Brush Naked Toothbrush Company and their toothbrushes. At that time the toothbrushes were made of 100% bamboo and unfortunately due to manufacturing issues the company can no longer guarantee that the bristles are bamboo but instead are now made of a polymer and in the future will be made with a BPA-Free Du-Pont Nylon. While the bristles are not biodegradable, the handle is still made of 100% bamboo and the packaging is still recyclable and compostable.

See my previous review here.

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Repurpose Review

Let me start by saying that the products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Repurpose/CrierPR. This post may contain affiliate links, but this in no way influences the review to follow.

Repurpose Review and Giveaway

Repurpose all 3 itemsThe most memorable party I have ever had has to be one of the more recent parties that has been attended. Many people are unaware that my husband Jason and I eloped and kept the secret for much longer then regularly heard of. One evening I could not keep the secret from my father any longer, and mostly spurred by my new in-laws discovering our secret first, we went to speak to my father. After a little shock, silence and obligatory eye rolls, things mellowed and acceptance was in view.

Since I have celebrated every major milestone with a party of some variety, this news of marriage was no different. Shortly after the bombshell news, my father volunteered to throw us the reception we were unable to have a couple of years earlier. I went into party planning mode and settled on a beach theme since we had recently bought our house near the coast.

The one downside to parties and party planning is the amount of trash that is generated. I shutter at the amount of plates, cups and plastic ware gets thrown away and ultimately lands into our local landfills. The party planner in me is happy to say that I may have found a solution to that dreaded trash generation problem – Repurpose.

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