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Epsom Salt Rainbow DIY

Epsom Salt Rainbow DIY + Giveaway!!!!

epsom-salt-rainbowThere are few items as versatile as Epsom Salt.

Epsom Salt is a magnesium sulfate that is in an inorganic, which means that it does not consist of or derives from living matter or that are not organic. This is a salt that contains magnesium sulfur and oxygen. While it sounds complicated, really what you have is a versatile salt that can not be eaten but can be used on your body, beauty products and even stubborn dishes.

The largest issue that we have is stubborn dishes, the food gets caked on and making the clean up near impossible. Since Epsom Salt when used before you scrub your dishes, makes the clean up a little easier, I wanted a pleasing yet functional way to store my salt near the sink. After some contemplation, I decided on making a Rainbow of Epsom Salt.

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Need a box? Look in your freezer

Turn a Corn Dog Box into Functional Storage

Stamps 1Anybody who knows me knows I am constantly looking for ways to turn trash to treasure. I have a TON of craft supplies and really not a lot of space in which to store it in, so since space is a commodity I am always looking for creative uses of the space that is available.

We love corn dogs around here, and the cardboard boxes they come in are actually a good quality of cardboard! I have a ton of stamps and they needed a home. I have been saving these corn dog boxes and using them in my store-room and then it came to me: RECOVER THEM!!!!

The box is a colorful so I knew I needed either dark paper or thick paper so I would not have any color bleed through.

I chose a green butterfly wrapping paper (from Current – LOVE THEIR PAPER!!)

Corn Dog Coming TogetherI began wrapping it, using two separate pieces of enough paper to wrap a box (the paper, if not on a roll, will come in this size by default). I cut about 5-6 inches off the long side and began wrapping. I folded the edges over the box and taped the entire length of the interior of the box.

In ProcessWhen I was done, this was what I ended up with, and it took me about 20 minutes to wrap the whole thing.

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