Dr. Jacobs Naturals: Citrus Liquid and Bar Soap Review

Dr. Jacobs Naturals: Citrus Liquid and Bar Soap Advantages + Giveaway

Since castile soap is one of the most versatile soap’s it is able to have other ingredients added, while maintaining the pure nature of castile soap, and getting the essential oils benefits. I have been lucky enough to review a range of Dr. Jacobs Naturals Soaps, including this Citrus Crush Cocktail Bar and Citrus Liquid Soap.

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GuruNanda Rosegold Tower Oil Diffuser Review

GuruNanda Essential Oil Diffuser Review + Giveaway

One of my favorite ways to use essential oils is to diffuse them into the environment. It makes sense that when I had the opportunity to review the GuruNanda Rosegold Tower Oil Diffuser I accepted. 

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Pet Treater Monthly Subscription Box Review – September 2017

Pet Treater Monthly Subscription Box Review – September 2017

One of my favorites times of the month is the day I go visit my furry sister. I love that I get to gift her with a box each month and I love the overall enthusiasm she has.

This last visit I realized that she has grown into a strong and confident dog that is always happy. When I gave her the treats from the September Pet Treater she learned and found the squeaker in the toy within only a couple of moments. Continue reading

Pet Treater: Cat Pack First Box – September 2017 Review

Pet Treater – Cat Pack Review – September 2017

As many readers know, we have been reviewing the dog version of the Pet Treater box for a while now, and I am so excited that as of September 2017 Pet Treater has added a monthly Cat Pack for cat guardians.

Since this is the first month that Pet Treater has a Cat Pack, I was so excited that the cats could get in on the monthly action. Continue reading

National Elephant Appreciation Day: 10 Facts about Elephants

10 Fun Elephant Facts & Tea Giveaway

On September 22nd each year National Elephant Appreciation Day is celebrated. On this date since 1996 on this day began a yearly tradition to bring awareness to the plight of the African and Asian Elephants.

In celebration of National Elephant Appreciation Day on September 22nd, Good Earth Tea would like to send you its new Hathikuli Organic Tea as well as sharing 10 fun facts about these amazing creatures. .

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Cat Lady Box Monthly Subscription Review: September 2017

“Purrfect Daily Essentials” – Cat Lady Box -September 2017 – Review + Giveaway

Each day my husband wakes up, says goodbye to the cats and goes to an office for a minimum of 8 hours a day. On the other hand my office is my house, my co-workers have 4 legs and are much furrier than most other co-workers.

Since I am home based my “daily essentials” amount to water, a pillow for my back and a good flow of music on the background. When I received the “Purrfect Daily Essentials” themed Cat Lady Box this month, I knew that they must have known the things I needed for my “purrfect” daily essentials needs. Continue reading

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair: Ultimate Repair Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Repair While Washing Your Hair with Schwarzkopf Ultimate Repair Shampoo and Conditioner – Review & Giveaway

As regular reader can attest, I am a fan of shampoo and conditioner’s. I love to try them and see the results in my hair.

I am lucky that my hair is healthy, for the most part, and I have avoided heavy products and heat throughout the years. Of all the problems, the one I suffer from the most is split ends, which makes my hair look frizzy.

The one hair goal I have is to get the frizz under control and regain some of the smooth. This is what the Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair: Ultimate Repair Shampoo and Conditioner does, and I am happy to say, did for my hair as well.

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DIY Halloween Wreath for under $10.00

DIY HALLOWEEN WREATH for under $10.00 at Dollar Tree

Living in a tiny house, the decorating options can not be as extravagant as I may want at times. I am always looking for ways to decorate, while keeping the space available in my home. One of the easiest ways to decorate for the upcoming season is with a wreath and this DIY Halloween Wreath is the perfect way to welcome all the ghosts and ghouls of the season.

This was an easy, project that took about 4-5 hours, and I know you will love it!

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Taffy Town: Sassy (Sour) Watermelon Taffy Review

Get Sassy with some Sour Watermelon Taffy from Taffy Town and a Giveaway

Summer is winding down, which means that watermelon season is also winding down. As summer began, I did not have much watermelon, but at the season progressed I found myself eating it more often.

Currently, Taffy Town has a *website exclusive* 1 lb bag of Sassy (Sour) Watermelon Taffy available! I love Taffy Town due to them using a whipping process to make each flavor. In addition there is a 24 hour-long batch conditioning process to each flavor that results in the purest and tastiest taffy around.

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Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Assortment Review

Repair Your Hair at Home with Schwarzkopf Hair Repair – Review + Giveaway

When I was young I would get perms every 6 weeks. There was something that did not occur to me that I was damaging my hair, while staying on trend for the time. As I have gotten older I have realized that I can do many things at home, where I would usually just go to the salon and have them chopped off.

Since I now prefer to repair my hair, rather than cut it when I got the Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Assortment I realized I have almost every remedy for any hair malady I might run across.

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