Completed Project: 5d Van Gogh Dream Tree

My Latest Finish – Van Gogh Dream Tree

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This has been in process since December, so seeing it complete is a great moment. I loved the colors, although that is where the delay was – lots of confetti colors for the leaves. This is Van Gogh’s Dream Tree and is 50cm by 40cm.


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Win a Crayola Fashion Superstar Set

Become a Fashion Designer with Crayola’s Fashion Superstar Set Giveaway

When I was young I had a toy called “Fashion Plates” and it was basically sets of clothes that I could outline onto paper and color my own way – I loved them and used them into my early teens.

This past holiday season I received the Crayola Fashion Superstar, and loved it so much, we are going to give one away to one lucky reader.

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Cremo Body Wash: Citron and Vetiver Body Wash Review

Cremo: All Season Citron & Vetiver Body Wash Review & Giveaway

There is no doubt that we are fans of body wash and personal care items in our house. The only problem is that most of the body washes that I receive have a feminine scent with hints of florals and candy, that is until recently.

Since in the past I have the opportunity to review a skin care company called Cremo that makes simple shaving creams and skin care that both men and women can use and they recently released a line of body washes.

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Petstages: Scratch – Hide & Seek Wobble Pond Review

Petstages: Scratch – Hide & Seek Wobble Pond Review & Giveaway

Back when I first started reviewing cat toys I came across a company called Petstages and since that time I have had the opportunity to test, and let the cats play with the wide range of toys including the new Hide & Seek Wobble Pond Interactive Play Toy that is now available.

Petstages has a complete line of toys for cats (and dogs) that  stimulate the cats mind, as well as their reward system that keeps them hunting and playing, all while providing exercise in a safe environment that we control.

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Buddha Teas: Japanese Cherry Blossom and Turmeric Ginger Review

Relax with Buddha Teas: Japanese Cherry Blossom and Turmeric Ginger Tea – a Review and Giveaway

Life is rough right now and so relaxation is in short supply, so when I received a box of Buddha Teas to sample and try I was excited to take a moment to myself.

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A Daughters View of Her Father’s Lung Cancer: One Step Forward, One Step Back

One Step Forward, One Step Back

The one thing that I have learned during this past 6 weeks is that when there is one step forward there can be a couple steps back.

In early March we learned of my father’s diagnosis of 4th stage lung cancer, and had a precarious week waiting for a pesky tumor to be removed.

Luckily that tumor was removed without any further complications, and he was released from the hospital and was able to go home. Sadly, only about 5 days after his return home he took a fall that lead him right back to the hospital for a couple of days, and into skilled nursing for some rehab.

Everything was proceeding as normal at skilled nursing for about 5 days until I received a call that they were rushing him back to the hospital – they think he had a stroke

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Homemade by Reader’s Digest Review

Homemade: 707 Products to Make Yourself to Save Money and the Earth – Review and Giveaway


If there is one thing I love to make, it is homemade cleaners, and products. Since we have two cats, their safety on surfaces that they touch is vital. Since I was young I have enjoyed reading Reader’s DIgest, and learning new tips, words and stories. When I got a email that they had compiled 707 ideas in a book called Homemade: 707 Products that You Make Yourself to Save Money and the Earth, I was immediately interest.

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Cremo: Spanish Horsehair Shave Brush Review

 Cremo: Spanish Horsehair Shave Brush Review & Giveaway

One of the hardest things when shaving is getting a good healthy lather. Recently it was suggested that a shave brush might help create a health lather. One of our favorite companies is Cremo Company so when it when a shave brush was suggested as an addition to the shave routines they were naturally the first place we looked.

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Cat Lady Box Monthly Subscription Review: April 2018

“Feline Groovy” –Cat Lady Box – April 2018 – Review + Giveaway

When I received Cat Lady Box this month, all the items themed in a “Feline Groovy” made me think of that magical time in our history when free love reigned, peace was the goal, and everyone loved their neighbor.   Continue reading

Soapbox Soaps: Top Sellers Bundle Giveaway

Soapbox: Top Seller’s Bundle  Giveaway

One of my favorite companies is Soapbox Soaps and one of  my favorite products are the Top Sellers Bundle that includes my a couple of my favorite products, I was excited to share it with you!

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