Cat Lady Box Monthly Subscription Review: October 2016

Cat Lady Box Monthly Subscription – “Black Cats” – October 2016 – Review + Giveaway

cat-lady-october-2016-contentsThe season of black cats and pumpkins – Halloween is almost here.

When I received the “Black Cat” themed Cat Lady Box , the first thing that i thought of was the upcoming Halloween holiday and the uptick in black cat adoptions.

The black cat is full of myth and lore, and it is advised to not walk in the path of a black cat or suffer 7 years of bad luck, or something to that effect. As we approach the holiday the tendency for black cats to disappear becomes less myth and lore and more reality. It is advised that black cat owners keep their cats close to home and indoors the days before and a day or two after – witches like black cats.

These boxes are consistently great each month and are “purrfectly” curated and each month is better than the last.

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Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Paisley Patterns Review

Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Paisley Patterns Review + Giveaway

stress-relieving-paisley-patternsI am a child of the 70’s – the mid 70’s. What this means is that I was dressed in what is arguable the ugliest fabric patterns. When I began school it was the dawn of the 1980’s and it was still not the best patterns. By the late 80’s the fabrics became more palatable to the eyes. Now that we are in the zero teens the fabrics are circling back to those patterns of the 70’s. The one constant in all times and all patterns are paisleys.

Paisleys are timeless almost because they are a reflection of the times and the popular colors. Paisleys are of a Persian origin and are made of droplet-shaped motif. It is named for a town in Scotland where the paisley fabric originates from. Oddly enough Paisley became identified with psychedelic style due to a resurgence in the pattern’s mainstream popularity leading up the mid and late 1960s.

When I received a copy of Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Paisley Patterns by Blue Star Coloring I was transported to a different time.

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SoapBox Soaps: Vanilla Liquid Hand Soap Review

SoapBox Soaps: Vanilla Liquid Hand Soap Review + Giveaway

soapbox-vanilla-hand-soapAs we head into the fall months I have noticed the smell of cinnamon and vanilla are filling my senses.

When I think of vanilla the first thing that pops in my head are cookies and other baked goods. I had never really been a fan of scented soaps until I hit my late teens. Since then I have become a huge fan of scented soaps, and look forward to new scents and varieties entering my life.

Since the one of the smells of the season is Vanilla it seems more than appropriate that SoapBox Soaps has released a new liquid soap.

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Sunbelt Bakery – Dark Chocolate Chunk Granola Bars Review

Sunbelt Bakery: Dark Chocolate Chunk Granola Bars Review + Giveaway

chocolate-chunk-granola-barsWhen I was a child I took dance classes and spent a good amount of time in my father’s car when he would take me to and from dance class. At the time the only place to take lessons was almost 25 minutes from home.

Often times on my way home I would get hungry and my father would hand me a granola bar or equal treat. I always wondered how he knew I would be hungry after dance class and now I wonder why I was not some days.

The granola bars I remember were crunchy and came in simple flavors such as maple, peanut butter or the overly simplistic plain flavor. When I received Sunbelt Bakery’s Chewy Granola Bars, I knew this was not the granola bar of my youth. Continue reading

Angie Keilhauer – Wild EP Giveaway

Angie Keilhauer: Wild EP Giveaway

angie-keilhauer-wild-ep-coverIt is rare in life that the person you meet if the same person on social media. Recently I had the opportunity to meet Angie Keilhauer and she not only lived up the hype, she exceeded it.

In case you are not familiar with this singer songwriter let me introduce you to her –

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The Hippie Hobby Box – DIY Melt & Pour Soap Review

The Hippie Hobby Box: DIY Melt & Pour Soap Review + Giveaway

finished-soapEach month I have the opportunity to review a couple different boxes, and of those the ones that make allow me to create something are among my favorite.

Soap making has always been on my craft “to-do” list, but the idea of using lye has always been a bit overwhelming to me. While I often have the chance to make candles, the art of soap making has been a little out of my sights.

When I received the newest The Hippie Hobby Box I was excited to see that this boxes craft was soap making. What I noticed was this was a simple easy way to make the soap I have been fearful of making otherwise. Each month the spirit of DIY and up-cycling are fused into one monthly do-it-yourself project with this monthly kit.

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Crayola Holiday Writing Helper Giveaway

Holiday Writing Helper: Crayola Metallic and Doodle Scent Pen’s Giveaway

giveaway-of-doodle-scent-and-metallic-pensSince I was a kid I have loved scented pens, and metallic pens. As we head into the holiday season it is fun to write envelopes, gift tags and cards with markers.

Since we are gearing for the holiday season we thought it would be fun to give away a couple of pen sets to help you write your way through the next couple months.

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John Paul Pet Shampoo and Conditioning Spray Review

John Paul Pet: Pet Shampoo and Conditioning Spray Review and Giveaway

shampoo-and-spray-conditionerI have a confession – I love to brush Maggee. When we adopted her, one of our first priorities was to acclimate her to brushing. This was useless since she took to brushing like a duck to water and loved to be brushed.

A couple of months ago I noticed that she had some white flakes as we brushed her tail. Being the ever diligent cat owners we looked online. After what seemed like hours of reading we came to the conclusion that she has dry skin.

While I was researching this issue I discovered the easiest thing to do was give her a bath. When I received two bottles from John Paul Pet I knew that a feline bath was in her future. Continue reading

Purr Packs Monthly Subscription Box – September 2016

Purr Packs Monthly Subscription Box – “Septempurr” – September 2016 – Review

septempurr-purr-packs-box-contentsWe are the proud humans to two cats, both of them adopted as kittens from the local shelter. Murfee was first and he started his life with us at a mere 9 weeks old. He was the runt of the litter, found in an open field when he was a couple of days old with no mom or siblings in the area. How he got there and how he survived, as well as found is a mystery to us. Maggee entered our lives when she was a 9 months old, after she had been shuttled from home to home while pregnant.

Our two have been raised together and despite our best efforts are not the “bff’s” we had hoped, although this is not to say they don’t get along, it is just obvious they are not best friends. They are different, and each one has their own likes, own food loves (Murfee loves dairy based treats and Maggee loves everything else!)

There is one time a month that they put aside their differences and join together as the friends we had always hoped – when they get a box curated to them! When I recently got a Purr Packs Monthly Subscription Box these differences were put aside.

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Pet Treater Monthly Subscription Box Review – September 2016

Pet Treater Monthly Subscription Box Review – September 2016

september-2016-pet-treaterAs shocking as it seems, we are creeping closer to Meadow’s first birthday and she has grown leaps and bounds since her arrival into our lives.

Each time I see her she has such a excitement to see me, and I feel like it is the first time she is seeing me. When I call my father, I also must say the obligatory hello to Meadow. This past month when we went over to see her, she got some good run time from her human brother-in-law. I had not seen her interact with someone who would give her a good fight, and it was nice to see the teeth bare and the growl present.

Despite the tough demeanor, Meadow remained her sweet self and reminded me that she is “Ain’t Nothing But a Hound Dog” which happened to be this months Pet Treater theme.

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