Completed 5D Paintings

Completed 5D Diamond Paintings

Here you will find a collection of the 5D Diamond Paintings I have completed! Each project has washi tape along the sides to cover the adhesive and give the project a clean look until framing.

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Rainy Night: The colors immediately got my attention, and I loved the idea of blocks of color while I watched Game of Thrones. This measures in at 42 X 50 CM or 16.5 x 19.5 inches and is vertical. This is another one I plan on painting the frame custom to a color in the painting.

Sunflowers in a China Vase – By far my largest undertaking, this is simply gorgeous. The measures in at 22 x 28 inches, and took me 85 + hours! If you love sunflowers, you will love this! I am working on getting it framed, and will share the updated framed photo soon!

Rainbow Cat – This was the second project and was a full drill. The colors are amazing and the life in the eyes come across in person and photos. The design size measures 12 x 14  with some room on both sides for matte/frame. This took me about 45 hours, but I worked on other things while doing this one!

Sweet Treats – This was my first, and it is a partial drill. The design size measures 16 X 20 inches with some room on both sides for matte/frame. This took me about 30 hours to complete and I used a black frame that I repainted.

Rainbow Tree – This was a fun quick project that was full of color! This measures 12 x 12 and was simple to complete with only 12 colors!

Red Winged Dragon – Inspired by my love of Game of Thrones, I was inspired to do this guy! This took me about 45-50 hours, but also was working on other projects while I worked on it. This measures in at 9 x 11 and is stunning in its detail! A must for GOT/Dragon fans!

Van Gogh: Starry Night – I saw this and loved the blue! This was so much fun to do and it looks so nice in person. This measures in at 15 x 20 and took me about 50+ hours to complete.


These are the completed projects as of 1/18/2018 – I currently have 9 other projects in process, so check back soon to see my completed projects – newest will be at the top!


Have questions about Diamond Painting? Check out my post that will tell you all you need to know!