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Crunchies: Freeze Dried Fruit for Dad Giveaway

Crunchies: Freeze Dried Fruit for Dad Giveaway!!!!

crunchies-freeze-dried-snacksOne of the best things about freeze dried fruit is that you can eat it and know that all you are eating is fruit with the moisture removed. Fruits are naturally sweet, and naturally good for you.

Since, in my opinion, there are no better snacks than fruit, I plan to get my father some and thought it would be great to give you the chance to win a Crunchies Freeze Dried Fruit Assortment for your dad.

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Limoneira Lifestyles: Simply Lemons Giveaway

Limoneira Company: Simply Lemons Set Giveaway

During the winter holidays there are certain scents that are synonymous with the winter holidays – these can be cranberry, apples, mint to name a few.

One of my favorite scents is lemon, and while not usually associated with the winter months, it is a strong citrus fresh scent that can good any season. There is something fresh and citrus can awaken the senses and cheer a person up on an otherwise gloomy day.

In these otherwise cedar and cranberry-apple filled days, I am thrilled to be able to bring you a fresh and versatile citrus set with this Simply Lemons.

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Limoneira: Meyer Lemon Hostess Gift Giveaway

Limoneira Company: Meyer Lemon Hostess Gift Giveaway

lemons-1As we head into the fall holidays, we begin the preparations to cleaning our homes and kitchens with the anticipation of company coming over.

A simple way to add a fresh smell and feeling to your home is with lemons. The best part is that this is a versatile fruit from being able to be added to baked goods, to adding to the cocktails while entertaining to simply using them as a cleaning agent there is little that lemons can not do.

In Santa Paula California there is an orchard full of lemons that is owned by The Limoneira Company. For over 124 years this lemon company has been producing citrus and lemons, and now their Meyer Lemons are available at Sprouts!

To celebrate, I am thrilled to be able to bring the citrus to you with this Meyer Lemon Hostess Pack.

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Crunchies Freeze Dried Fruit Review

Crunchies Freeze Dried Fruit Review and Giveaway!!!!

crunchies-freeze-dried-snacksSince I am a review blogger and thus a small business owner, time is precious and ease is preferred over almost any other option.

One of the healthiest and simplest snacks that I have discovered is freeze-dried fruit. The thing that makes these healthy is that this is a single-ingredient snack. Since it is only fruit they are non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free and kosher. As an added plus they have no added sugar or artificial flavoring.

When I received the Crunchies Freeze Dried Fruit Assortment for review, I was looking forward to sample some fruits that I had not tried freeze-dried before.

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Limoneira: Heritage Select Citrus Giveaway

Limoneira Company: Heritage Select Citrus Box Giveaway

Heritage Select CitrusFor many years I lived in Ventura California, which is in Ventura County which happens to be the place for citrus.  Sadly for me, during my time up there I was unaware of this fact. I wish I would have toured and seen the vast trees that undoubtedly have the smell of citrus in their leaves.

I can guarantee you though, my next trip (163 miles from my house) I will be stopping in this citrus filled valley. When I am there I will be sure to be stopping at the The Limoneira Company was founded over 124 years ago. and it’s located outside of Santa Paula in beautiful Ventura County, California.

Since many of you can not visit these fields, I am thrilled to be able to bring the citrus to you with this Heritage Select Citrus Pack.

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Limoneira Lemon Uses and Review

Limoneira Lemons – Uses Review and Giveaway

Limoniera LemonsOne of my favorite scents in the entire world is lemons. There is no scent like lemon and it instantly evoke images of bright yellow color and a citrus filled fresh scent.

Since we are the humans to two cats that like to jump on counters, couches, beds and anything else that could be construed as a bed, safety in cleaning products is key. One day is occurred to me that my favorite scent was as versatile as it was good smelling.

Since I am on a quest to make the surfaces, and environment of our home safer for the humans and the cats, I was more them willing to receive a box of lemons from Limoneira Company to experiment with.

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Stoneridge Orchards Review

Stoneridge Orchards: Review and Giveaway

Overall Stoneridge Orchard PhotoAs any regular readers will know I love companies that have a unique backstory and original origins. Let’s travel back to 1960’s in Central Washington and the modern homesteading lottery. What this Homesteading Lottery did was to hold a lottery and chose “winners”. The “winners” of this lottery won 160 acres of land in Central Washington. As luck would have it, in 1962 a gentleman by the name of Karl Dorsing had not only entered this lottery but won. This win allowed him to move himself and his family to Royal City Washington.

Today those 160 acres are what is known as Royal Ridge Fruits. The fertile high desert region of Central Washington was the perfect environment to grow their all natural organic cherries, blueberries, raspberries, apple and pears. In 2010 this 3rd generational family owned and managed company created Stoneridge Orchards. Stoneridge Orchards was created for use as a consumer brand. With the creation of a consumer brand came the addition of a berry mix, dried peaches slices as well as Greek Yogurt covered fruits and Dark Chocolate covered fruits.

Stoneridge Orchards was kind enough to send us an assortment of their dried fruits and chocolate covered fruits for consideration of a review.

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