DIY Wine Cork Pumpkin


If there is one craft supply that is in abundance at my house, it is corks. I have family that only drink’s wine and the corks get saved for me. Since, Fall is upon us, and so I thought i would make a DIY Cork Pumpkin for my Fall decorating.

This was an easy, relaxing project that I know you will love!

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Gather materials –

Once you have gathered all the materials, take your Orange Paint and paint one end of the cork. I did two layers of paint, but you can get by with one. Do this for all but one cork – 24 should have painted ends.

Once the paint dries, warm up your hot glue gun, and sort similar corks into groups of 2 groups of 4, two groups of 5, and one group of 6.

Grab your ruler, place a bead of glue on the side of the cork, line up and glue to another cork – continue for the rest of the cork count combinations.

While the glue hardens, cut the 25th cork in half with your craft knife, and paint the 1/2 brown.

Once the glue has hardened, begin at the 4 cork row, place a bead of glue and place the 5 cork row, and then place the 6 cork row on top of that, then the 5 cork row and 4 cork row. Let harden.

Take the dried 1/2 brown stem and hot glue to top of corks.

Grab your ruler and measure a 15″ piece of Jute Twine and set aside.

Grab your green felt, lightly draw shape of a leaf, fold felt in half and cut shape

Take one leaf, hot glue the end and place on the top of your pumpkin near the base of the stem, do the same on the opposite side for the 2nd leaf.  Take Jute Twine, and wrap around brown stem, and glue on back to keep in place to resemble vine.

Finished size will be approx. 5″ high x 5″ wide x 1 3/4 deep

Enjoy your pumpkin that will last year round!


Questions or Have an idea for a future DIY, tell me below!




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