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The Beehive by Infusion Organique Review

The Beehive Candle and Lotion Review and Giveaway

The Beehive Lotion and Candle by Cosmetix WestOne of my favorite scents is Lemon, well not just scent but also lemon flavor anything. I went on a chain of meals that consisted of lemon chicken and nothing else. I felt bad for my husband Jason that his pallet was not receiving any sort of flavor stimulation. Flavor aside, I love the freshness of a good lemon scent and will usually purchase the item in question.

Back in July I had the opportunity to review Infusion Organique by Cosmetix West. The candle that I reviewed remains one of my favorite candles, and is only burned on special occasions. When I was doing my research for that review I saw that they had a couple different brands under the Cosmetix West umbrella – one of them being “The Beehive“.

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Infusion Organique Review

Infusion Organique Review and Giveaway
Infusion Organiques

I love scented candles, but have never been a fan of perfumes. The perfumes that I have come across are strong and when applied heavy can burn noses and make people not want to be near the offending smell. I have always seeked and looked for a perfume that can make me smell more natural and less like I am wearing perfume.

I came across Infusion Organique’s and was intrigued by the scents that they offer and thought that maybe this was the perfume option I had been looking for. They were generous to send me not only a couple of vials of their different scents, but also a roll on perfume and a soy blend candle.

Infusion OrganiquesI was sent 4 different vials of perfume including Buddha’s Fig, Sands of Morocco, Indochine and Acai Rain. The Buddha’s Fig includes fig, rose geranium, lemongrass oil, wood and amber scents. The purple colored Sands of Morocco includes vanilla, sandalwood, warm oak moss, lemongrass and ylang-ylang. The Indochine included kumquat, peach, water lily, jasmine, muguet, vanilla, grapefruit extract, orange and ylang-ylang. The pink colored Acai Rain is made of acai, raspberry, currant, white peach, fresh greens and orange oil.

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BuddhiBox Monthly Subscription Review – May Box

BuddhiBox Monthly Subscription Review and Giveaway – May Box

BuddhiBox MayAs my 40th birthday rapidly approaches it causes me to think more, and want to create a better environment for my future self. I often find myself sitting and thinking and wondering what the next 40 years will be for me and if they will resemble the previous 40.

One of the things that I love about BuddhiBox is that they practice ‘Saucha’ or pure living. This basically means that they only partner with companies who follow ethical and conscious standard of productions. Each month a portion of the proceeds is donated to a different charity. This months charity happesn to be Connections to Success, a mid-western charity that seeks to break the cycle of poverty by assisting in continuing education and providing work opportunities to their community.

Earlier in the year, I had the opportunity to review the February BuddhiBox (click here to see that review) as well as the April BuddhiBox (click here to see that review). Given the retail price of the boxes these are value packed and honestly a lot of fun to receive and review.

The bright green tissue paper again greeted me and I found myself eager to tear the sticker and delve into this months box with it’s 3 cardboard information cards as a teaser. On the first card was the “Bird of Paradise” pose that shows the pose, in full color, as well as the benefits and possible cautions about the pose. There was a recipe for a “Healthy 3 Ingredient Date and Almond Chocolates”” that is made using only 3 ingredients (5-10 dates,10 almonds and 1/2 cup of dark chocolate chips). The final information card included was a box content listing and the following quote:

The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode. The true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. – Audrey Hepburn

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