37 thoughts on “Repurpose Review

  1. Ashley C

    I had Halloween party many years ago! We had the best time and it will always be unforgettable!

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  3. susan hartman

    My most memorable party was my husband’s 60th birthday party. Saw so many people I hadn’t seen in years. Good time!

  4. Connie Lee

    I think my most memorable party was my birthday party in my 1st grade classroom. Back then, there wasn’t many birthday parties at school, so this was very special to me.

  5. UrbanCajunGirl

    I love your story and I am very excited to learn about repurpose. I shutter every time I have to buy disposable partyware that will in the end landfill for hundreds of years to come. I can’t wait to try these.

  6. Sarah M

    My son’s first birthday! We had the party at the Nature Center where all of our guests could walk around and see all of the animals! We set up the traditional Korean doljabee ceremony where he”chose” his future destiny by selecting one symbolic item from many laid out in front of him. My little man dressed up in traditional clothing called a dol-bok and selected the baseball from the items before him! (I guess he’s going to be a big ball player when he grows up!) Loved it and everyone had a blast!! Thank you for the giveaway!

  7. Tracy Shafer

    Last Christmas Eve…it was my last big family party before I moved to another state

  8. wen budro

    My most memorable party was my niece’s 2nd birthday party. There’s just something magical about that age.

  9. sue14625

    our parents last anniversary party which was xmas eve in which they celebrated 60yrs we had so much fin

  10. Cheryl Lund

    I like to say that all the parties are memorable as each is unique in its own way and that you get to spend the day with friends and family.


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