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Five Finger Tees T-Shirt Review

FiveFingerTees Review + Giveaway

nuka-cola-and-lukes-dinerSince I spend many hours on my computer I have discovered that this constant state of sitting necessitates the need for comfortable clothes. My favorite outfit is a pair of yoga pants, a tank top and a t-shirt and always with a comfy pair of socks. The major reason for this level of comfort you want to be  as comfortable as possible when you are sitting as much as I do each day. Due to this constant state of being I am always on the lookout for additions to my “work uniform”.

Last September I happened upon FiveFingerTees.com for the first time and at the time I was blown away!

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Zazzle.com: Summer Sunshine 2016 Giveaway

Zazzle.com – Summer Sunshine 2016 Review and Giveaway

PIllow and LIttle Miss Sunshine TshirtSunshine permeates everything I do and who I am to a degree. When I was young my father would make dinner reservations under the nickname “sunshine” and many times my default nickname for people is “sunshine”. There is something special and magical about the sunshine – it brings a warmth, light and overall positive feelings.

Since I am based on the Pacific Ocean, the sunshine is as abundant as water. Even on days when the sun does not shine, there is still a glimmer of sunlight that shines through. My house is situated that it benefits many days from natural light, which is wonderful for the humans and felines in the house. There is a brightness that shines living in the land of never ending sunshine!

On days that the sunshine is hiding, I love to be reminded of otherwise sunny days. I came upon Zazzle.com and immediately knew that they would have what I desired for those otherwise sunless days.

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Cat Lady Box Monthly Subscription Review: May 2016

Cat Lady Box Monthly Subscription Review and Giveaway – May/Cat Mom’s Day 2016

May 2016 Box ContentsWhile I have not had the best history with mothers in my life, I can see the love and see how a mothers love is irreplaceable. Due to my shaky history with my own mother I think at times i might over compensate with Maggee and Murfee.

Let me explain a little further to bring some clarity. I was raised from a young age by my father and while I learned many valuable lessons, I did miss my mother. It was made clear early on that my mother wanted nothing to do with me, and while this was hurtful, it ended up being for the best. I did not have an example of a mother, so I base my experience on snippets of mom’s i have seen my life.

At times I think this has worked well, and it really is a broad example base. Recently Jason has made comments and dropped words such as “helicopter” and “smother and mother”. I think during this time of year, as much as I love the moms in my life, I overcompensate with my two cats. Lucky for me they seem to love the love!

It was announced that this months Cat Lady Box would have a “Mothers” theme, and they delivered. To say that each box is “pawsome” is an understatement. Each month is better than the last, (see previous reviews here). The box exterior is printed with the logo in black and is almost a proud announcement of your Cat Lady status. Once the box is open, you are greeted with a black tissue with a sticker enclosing everything in the box. The box is packaged well, and there is space enough that items do not get smooshed and smashed together.

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Boutique Socks at ModernBoho.com Review

Boutique Socks at Modern Boho Review and Giveaway

Modern Boho Boutique SocksOne of my favorite foot wear items I own are a black pair of boots. These are by a well-known shoe company and they are very comfortable. I actually have a second pair in a different color and they are equally comfortable. I love to wear my boots under long skirts, or with jeans. I am also a proud child of the 80’s when leg warmers were popular, and honestly on the plain side.

The one struggle I seem to encounter quite often is that when I wear socks with my boots, my socks seem to get sucked into some strange abyss that exists only at the bottom of my boots. I also love the idea of wearing leg warmers under my skirts on chilly days – although at times these extra layers of warmth are over kill in sunny California.

I am lucky though, even though I live in a sun filled paradise I still get chilly really easy. What this means is that I can benefit year round from warm cloths. I recently was sent a couple of items from ShopModernBoho.com, including a pair of boot socks and leg warmers.

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Sock Club – December 2015 – Review

Sock Club – December 2015 – Review & Giveaway

December 2015When you think of California, the first material that comes to mind is generally not wool. People in California tend to live in shorts, bikini tops. and flip-flops – and that is in mid-December. I am not one of these people, as I run cold all the time. I get cold while going through our local grocery store. Since I have this temperature issue, I plan accordingly – I have sweaters in the car and I always wear socks around my house at night.

Despite the warmth factor, I tend to shy away from wool due to the added weight that wool sock provide. I can honestly say that my opinion of wool socks has forever been changed from this months SockClub sock selection for the December sock.

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Peaches & Petals November Box Subscription Review

Peaches & Petals Subscription Box – November 2015 Review and Giveaway

November Peaches and Petals OverviewOne of my favorite thing about monthly subscription boxes is the random curated surprise that await the recipient. I love the unique items included and the useful items. I think that after almost a year of reviewing boxes, my favorite part is seeing the theme of the contents. I appreciate when I box has a unifying them that ties it together.

Peaches and Petals is taking this concept of a unifying theme and bringing it to each monthly box. This is a subscription box that caters to ‘fun. flirty, fashionable vintage and modern lifestyles’. What does that mean to you the subscriber? It means that each month you will receive 3-5 items hand selected by the Peaches and Petals team and can range in items from creams, nail polish, makeup, scarves and bags  or/and a vintage piece of jewelry. There could be other items included, depending on the box and theme for the month. The November 2015 box seems to have a unifying theme of “Infinity”.

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Cat Lady Box Monthly Subscription Review: October 2015

Cat Lady Box Monthly Subscription Review and Giveaway – October 2015

Cat Lady Box contents October 2015-1There is a trend happening around the world that I would like to mention to all of my fellow animals lovers – the dressing up of animals. The outfitting of attire for animals is not a new trend, but one that has been around as long as animals have been domesticated.

As humans we tend to put our emotions into the animals, thinking that our desires are their desires when in fact this is not the case. There is no better way to express this than in the dressing of our feline friends. I am not sure when this began, but i think it is more our desire for laughter and “awws” than for the cats themselves. I would imagine that the dressed animal is uncomfortable and a bit confused. That being said, I dream up outfits and costumes for the Muggles and plans have been made.

Since Halloween just passed I saw many dressed up animal photos on my social media feeds and I have to say, confusion aside, many were very inventive and cute outfits. In support of cat ladies I was very excited to see this months Cat Lady Box  (*spoiler alert* – It contains cat ears)It makes me happy to say that this is the fifth month and the first “special editions” box. Each month it is just as good as the previous month, (see previous reviews here). Despite the previous months printed boxes, this one was the stamper version. I have to admit that I like the printed name and log on the box as opposed to the irregularity of the stamped boxes. Despite this minimal complaint the box contents were nothing short of creative and diverse.

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Cat Lady Box Monthly Subscription Review

Let me start by saying that the products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of CatLadyBox.com. This post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

Cat Lady Box Monthly Subscription Review and Giveaway – August 2015

August 2015 Cat Lady BoxI have said in a previous review that just because I have copious amounts of photos on my phone I am not a crazy cat lady – I retract the part of that statement that states the word crazy. I hereby admit I might be a cat lady but not a crazy one.

Let’s take a closer look at the facts in front of me. I love anything feline themed extending to the items I collect and what I decorate my environment with, but this does not make me crazy. While it might be a fact that I have more pictures of Maggee and Murfee then I do of family, friends, nature and review product photos combined, this does not make me crazy. If I can work my cats into casual conversations (or reviews) I will, but this does not make me crazy. What truly makes me crazy is the term “Crazy Cat Lady” – we are simply “Cat Ladies”. It is my belief that just because we love our cats that does not mean that we are crazy, obsessed maybe, but not crazy.

In support of cat ladies everywhere crazy or no, I am happy to say that this is the third month of Cat Lady Box and it is just as good as the previous month I reviewed, (see that review here). The first thing that I noticed was that in the previous months the logo had been hand stamped on the box, therefore making the image darker in some spots and lighter in others, and this month they are printed on the box. The result is a logo that pops, is sharp and attention-getting.

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Zazzle.com Review

Zazzle.com – Review and Giveaway

zazzleLetterform_whiteWe are approaching a historically significant time – an election year. When ever an election comes along the pundits and commentators speak up and compare current elections to previous elections. There have been many historical elections in our history, but in my lifetime there is one election that rises above the others: Reagan/Bush – 1984.

If you are unfamiliar with this particular election let me refresh your memory. Ronald Reagan was the Republican candidate with his running mate/future Vice-President/President George H. Bush. Reagan carried 49 of the 50 states and it’s victory ranks 7th of all Presidential elections.

I am a nostalgic person, so instead of wearing a shirt supporting the current presidential nominees I decided that I want to go back what is perceived to be a simpler time – 1984. I began to look for a shirt that I could wear that was comfortable and would be adaptable to wear to the store or at home writing. I came upon Zazzle.com and immediately knew that they would have what I desired.

Zazzle Reagan BushZazzle.com is not only a wonderful place to get your election related clothing but it is a great place to get anything printed your mind can create. Zazzle not only has pre-made and pre-printed products but they can also print your own designs. There are other sites that limit what you can print on, or create, but not Zazzle. This site allows you to create anything from t-shirts, guitar picks, flash drives, fabric, aprons, bumper stickers, beer koosies and blankets to name a few. I counted over 80 items that you can have a image or logo printed on, the only limit is your imagination (and copyright laws).

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FiveFingerTees.com Review

FiveFingerTees.com Review and Giveaway

Two Shirts Five Finger TeesIt is no secret that us bloggers spend many hours in front of our computers. This constant state of sitting makes the need for comfortable clothes almost a work uniform. My personal uniform is comfortable pants and a t-shirt, with a comfy pair of socks. The reason for this level of comfort is when you are sitting for a majority of the day, you want to be as comfortable as possible. I am always on the lookout for additions to my collection of comfortable clothes.

I recently happened upon FiveFingerTees.com and I have to say WOW! The first thing I noticed was the cartoon theme on the top banner. The fun banner let me know immediately that I had happened upon a fun website. I was right, they have so many shirts that I guarantee you will not be able to choose just one.

Five Finger Tees offers a wide (and I mean WIDE) variety of movie, television, sports, political, music, animal, zombie, video game and pop-culture t-shirts. There are many other varieties available and they even have humorous holiday shirts. The company is based in Boston Massachusetts and is completely family owned and operated.

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