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Boutique Socks at ModernBoho.com Review

Boutique Socks at Modern Boho Review and Giveaway

Modern Boho Boutique SocksOne of my favorite foot wear items I own are a black pair of boots. These are by a well-known shoe company and they are very comfortable. I actually have a second pair in a different color and they are equally comfortable. I love to wear my boots under long skirts, or with jeans. I am also a proud child of the 80’s when leg warmers were popular, and honestly on the plain side.

The one struggle I seem to encounter quite often is that when I wear socks with my boots, my socks seem to get sucked into some strange abyss that exists only at the bottom of my boots. I also love the idea of wearing leg warmers under my skirts on chilly days – although at times these extra layers of warmth are over kill in sunny California.

I am lucky though, even though I live in a sun filled paradise I still get chilly really easy. What this means is that I can benefit year round from warm cloths. I recently was sent a couple of items from ShopModernBoho.com, including a pair of boot socks and leg warmers.

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