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  2. Amy Jones

    I had a friend personalize my Swiss army knife. She engraved my name in beautiful script on the blades. It took something very masculine and made it more feminine for me!

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  4. Fiona N

    My favorite personalized item is the bracelet with my initial name on it!
    Thank You for the chance

  5. Debbie F

    I love writing stuff so I guess one of my favorite things is my leather bound journal that has my name on it. 😀
    I’m such a nerd.

  6. Patricia Delgado

    My mother’s ring that has each of my children’s names and birthstones on it.

  7. Elisabeth

    When my husband and I visited Rome, Italy I splurged and bought a leather wallet, which they personalized with my initials.

  8. Kimberly

    I personalize everything lol. I think my current favorite is a positive affirmation bracelet.

  9. Carol Nine

    My favorite item I have had personalized is a charm bracelet with charms that each meant something to me.

  10. Lori B

    I can’t think of anything I have had personalized for myself! We did get a large crock with a friend’s last name and their new address as a house warming gift once and they really enjoyed it for their porch.

  11. Jennifer Wilson

    Hard to say, I have a number of personalized things that I love. I think the Christmas ornament of a photo of my mother, my then boyfriend (now husband), and me all in ugly Christmas sweaters at her last Christmas.

  12. Jessica

    A personalized blanket for my daughter. It was part of her going home from the hospital outfit and became her lovie. She still carriers it everywhere 3.5 years later.

  13. Laura J

    My favorite was a wedding picture clock I gave to a friend of mine when they got married!!!

  14. Bridgett Wilbur

    I had a watch personalized and engrave for my husband on are first anniversary.

  15. Leslie Stanziani

    I had a compact personalized for my daughter’s 13th birthday. She still uses it and loves it.

  16. Joan Kubes

    The only thing I own that I can think of that’s personalized is my wedding ring.

  17. Crystal F

    It would be the necklace that I wear every day. It has two charms, each with a picture of one of my girls engraved on it. It’s my most prized possession. Thank you!

  18. Nichole Smith

    I’ve never had anything personalized. Unless I can count my “mom” coffee mug.

  19. Brian E.

    Thank You for the giveaway…my Mom gave me 100 personalized Bic pens as a stocking stuffer one Xmas when I was a kid !

  20. shea balentine

    My favorite personalized item is my Bible from many years ago =) Had my name engraved on the front.. my first “adult”, leather bound Bible!


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