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Zazzle.com Review

Zazzle.com – Review and Giveaway

zazzleLetterform_whiteWe are approaching a historically significant time – an election year. When ever an election comes along the pundits and commentators speak up and compare current elections to previous elections. There have been many historical elections in our history, but in my lifetime there is one election that rises above the others: Reagan/Bush – 1984.

If you are unfamiliar with this particular election let me refresh your memory. Ronald Reagan was the Republican candidate with his running mate/future Vice-President/President George H. Bush. Reagan carried 49 of the 50 states and it’s victory ranks 7th of all Presidential elections.

I am a nostalgic person, so instead of wearing a shirt supporting the current presidential nominees I decided that I want to go back what is perceived to be a simpler time – 1984. I began to look for a shirt that I could wear that was comfortable and would be adaptable to wear to the store or at home writing. I came upon Zazzle.com and immediately knew that they would have what I desired.

Zazzle Reagan BushZazzle.com is not only a wonderful place to get your election related clothing but it is a great place to get anything printed your mind can create. Zazzle not only has pre-made and pre-printed products but they can also print your own designs. There are other sites that limit what you can print on, or create, but not Zazzle. This site allows you to create anything from t-shirts, guitar picks, flash drives, fabric, aprons, bumper stickers, beer koosies and blankets to name a few. I counted over 80 items that you can have a image or logo printed on, the only limit is your imagination (and copyright laws).

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