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Triple T Studios Giveaway

Triple T Studios: Kitten Tote Giveaway

Flat bagI am cat fan – I can honestly say that my two little furry creatures are like my children. When I was young I wanted to help all the worlds furry creatures and be a Veterinarian. The day the dream died was the day I realized I would have to put down animals, and decided that I could not see any creature in pain or discomfort. Despite my childhood dream not coming to fruition, the one thing that came out of that wish was a genuine love for cats. I collect cat items, and if Jason would let me I would have more than just Maggee and Murfee in my house.

Since I am unable to have all the cats I want, I show my cat love in my wardrobe choices, and the accessories that I wear. I have wanted a bag that I could be versatile enough for a quick trip out, or a day at a museum and preferably containing a cat.

I was recently introduced to Triple T Studios, and one look on their site, I knew I had found my new favorite website and a new bag. One of the products available on their site is a Kitten Tote that meets the strict requirements I had.

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Cat Lady Box Monthly Subscription Review: October 2015

Cat Lady Box Monthly Subscription Review and Giveaway – October 2015

Cat Lady Box contents October 2015-1There is a trend happening around the world that I would like to mention to all of my fellow animals lovers – the dressing up of animals. The outfitting of attire for animals is not a new trend, but one that has been around as long as animals have been domesticated.

As humans we tend to put our emotions into the animals, thinking that our desires are their desires when in fact this is not the case. There is no better way to express this than in the dressing of our feline friends. I am not sure when this began, but i think it is more our desire for laughter and “awws” than for the cats themselves. I would imagine that the dressed animal is uncomfortable and a bit confused. That being said, I dream up outfits and costumes for the Muggles and plans have been made.

Since Halloween just passed I saw many dressed up animal photos on my social media feeds and I have to say, confusion aside, many were very inventive and cute outfits. In support of cat ladies I was very excited to see this months Cat Lady Box  (*spoiler alert* – It contains cat ears)It makes me happy to say that this is the fifth month and the first “special editions” box. Each month it is just as good as the previous month, (see previous reviews here). Despite the previous months printed boxes, this one was the stamper version. I have to admit that I like the printed name and log on the box as opposed to the irregularity of the stamped boxes. Despite this minimal complaint the box contents were nothing short of creative and diverse.

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Cat Lady Box Monthly Subscription Review

Let me start by saying that the products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of CatLadyBox.com. This post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

Cat Lady Box Monthly Subscription Review and Giveaway – August 2015

August 2015 Cat Lady BoxI have said in a previous review that just because I have copious amounts of photos on my phone I am not a crazy cat lady – I retract the part of that statement that states the word crazy. I hereby admit I might be a cat lady but not a crazy one.

Let’s take a closer look at the facts in front of me. I love anything feline themed extending to the items I collect and what I decorate my environment with, but this does not make me crazy. While it might be a fact that I have more pictures of Maggee and Murfee then I do of family, friends, nature and review product photos combined, this does not make me crazy. If I can work my cats into casual conversations (or reviews) I will, but this does not make me crazy. What truly makes me crazy is the term “Crazy Cat Lady” – we are simply “Cat Ladies”. It is my belief that just because we love our cats that does not mean that we are crazy, obsessed maybe, but not crazy.

In support of cat ladies everywhere crazy or no, I am happy to say that this is the third month of Cat Lady Box and it is just as good as the previous month I reviewed, (see that review here). The first thing that I noticed was that in the previous months the logo had been hand stamped on the box, therefore making the image darker in some spots and lighter in others, and this month they are printed on the box. The result is a logo that pops, is sharp and attention-getting.

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