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Fetch Rewards with the Fetch Rewards App

Fetch Rewards with the Fetch Rewards App

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Days are slowing passing of the Sunday ritual of clipping coupons if you want to save money. Tying the convenience of the smart phone, with the spirit of saving of money is the new app called Fetch Rewards.

The Fetch Rewards app was developed in Madison, Wisconsin and has been rolled out nationwide in just time for the biggest sporting ever.

What is the Fetch Rewards App? This is a simple money saving app that takes your scanned receipts and helps you earn points that you can use for gift cards.

The basic idea is that after you install the app, you shop as your normally would, I would peruse the app first to see where I can save the most. Once you are home, scan your receipt and anytime you have bought an item among Fetch’s more than 180 brands you earn points. This also applies to special “in app” offers.

Once you have enough points, each redemption is worth different point values, you can instantly turn those points into an e-gift card from one of 400 retailers. The retailers are many and include Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Sephora and Walmart to name a few.

There are over 180 brands on the Fetch Rewards app including Klondike, Oscar Meyer, and Boca Burgers. The brands are broken into categories to make searching for your favorite much easier. Also included are beers, wine and spirits.

The app connects through your Facebook account, and is really simple and takes just a few minutes. This is a great way to earn extra gift cards buying what you normally buy, and it is easy and efficient.



Enter “N5FQQ” and get an bonus of 2000 points when you complete your first receipt.


Click here to download Fetch Rewards on IOS and Android


Find Fetch Rewards on Facebook and Twitter


My Gift Stop: One Stop Valentine’s Day Shop

My Gift Shop: One Stop Valentines Day Shop and $500 Gift Card Giveaway

I was compensated for this post, but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own

There is bo doubt. that one of the most difficult holidays to shop for is Valentines Day. The easiest is when you can visit one website and get the gifts that you are searching for. When you visit My Gift Stop it is the only stop you will need this Valentine’s Day. 

My Gift Stop is a socially responsible gifting experience in that when you gift they donate. My Gift Stop has a direct relationship with manufacturers, as well as being an official retailer of some of the world’s most popular brands,it allow’s them to sell luxury goods like watches, bags, jewelry, shoes, fragrances, sunglasses and other goods for men and women at heavily discounted prices.

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The Hollywood Swag Bag Four Seasons Hotel Honoring Golden Globes Weekend Giveaway

Win The Hollywood Swag Bag Four Seasons Hotel Honoring Golden Globes Weekend 

With a new year comes the start of awards season, with the Golden Globes kicking the festivities off this weekend. Sadly not many of my favorites are nominated this year (Game of Thrones and Orange is the New Black) but the fun of the Golden Globes remains.

Each year the celebrities are given elaborate gift bags full of gifts from various sponsors. This year I have the honor of gifting one of those gift bags to one lucky reader.

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Shareable Wishlists Made Easy This Holiday with Elfster

Elfster Secret Santa Generator and Wish List 

This post was sponsored by Elfster but this in no way will influence the post to follow and all opinions are my own.

Each year around this time I see the same emails from my family – the yearly gift exchange. As time has progressed, the email recipients have gotten to be more. As the holiday approaches, the pressure grows, and the question of what to purchase people becomes the topic of phone calls, texts and emails. 

I am always looking for ways to make things easier, and this applies to the yearly gift exchange. As I began looking for a way to streamline and simplify the process I came upon Elfster which is the free online gift exchange service.

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AliveCor: Kardia Mobile Review

Heart Monitoring with the AliveCor: Kardia Mobile EKG Monitor

A couple of months ago I took my father in for a fairly routine surgery. I was suppose to drop him off, and  hours later pick him up. Instead a mere minutes after dropping him off I was getting a call that a cardiologist needed to speak to me immediately and I had a decision to make.

As it turned out, as they were completing this “routine” surgery, my father passed a clot and had a heart attack on the table. As I would later hear he thought it was a severe acid reflux until it was not going away. I was lucky, since he was on the table, they were able to do everything they needed.

As we would learn, the clot traveled to an artery that happened to be clogged, and since he was pumped with drugs to break up the clot, that is what happened when it hit that clog. Here is the issue – he never knew he had an artery that was 99% clogged.

When the dust settled, and stints put in to improve blood flow, the questions began. Ever a diligent man, he went for his yearly testing and listened to the doctors instructions, but we quickly realized this was not enough, he needed to take hold of his heart health.

When I was recently approached AliveCor makers of the Kardia Mobile the timing could not have been more perfect and more timely.

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Season of Giving with Picture Keeper Connect

The Season of Giving With Picture Keeper Connect — The Perfect Gift For Preserving Your Memories

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Picture Keeper and BraVoMark. All opinions are mine

When I was a teenager, I loved to take photos of my family and friends. Where I was, so was my camera and I spend many allowances on film development. Around the same time I began committing Random Act of Kindness, I believed that the more good I put into the world, the more I would get back. As I got older, and continued this I see how one simple act can have a ripple effect and change people’s lives.

During the busy holiday season, it is important to remember that effect we have on people’s lives. One of the best ways to see this effect is in photos, and there is nothing more special this time of year than those moments of kindness.

The one thing that you do not want to worry about is losing those moments frozen in time and with the Picture Keeper Connect you know your photos will be there.

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Dr Pepper + College Football = Tailgating with Albertsons

Dr Pepper + College Football = Tailgating with Albertsons

Brought to you by Dr Pepper® and Albertsons Companies

Football season has arrived, which also means that college football season is here. There is no better way to celebrate game day then by tailgating.

One of my favorite parts of tailgating is the decorating and preparation. I love to choose balloons, paper goods and streamers that match the team colors playing that day. I make lists, verify any food/drink allergies and confirm attendance.

While it can be difficult to prepare for tailgating, one way that I always ensure that I am getting the products my guests will enjoy is by making a list. The list is usually packed with snacks, treats and surprises for my tailgating friends.

Since I was young I have enjoyed Dr Pepper and with their $5.00 promo code for game day attire on it makes Dr Pepper® the perfect game day drink!

Also, when tailgating, it is important to show your colors, and represent the team you are rooting for. This can be as simple as a shirt, hair color, or even coloring your car windows.

When you BUY any 2 Dr Pepper 12-Pack 12oz Cans, 6-Pack 16.9oz Bottles or 8-Pack 12oz Bottles
and text FANGEAR to 811811 you can get a $5.00 promo code. It is simple and all you have to do is follow the instructions to send a photo of your receipt to get it.

This college football season there is no reason why you cannot enjoy your team, a cold Dr Pepper and represent your allegiance with some Game Time Fan Gear – be the ultimate fan!



Our 6 Favorite Halloween Costumes for Humans and Pets

Our 6 Favorite Halloween Costumes for Humans and Animals – 2017

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With the arrival of October so does the arrival of Halloween! As a kid I loved to dress up and have one day that was made for make-believe.

One of my most memorable costumes was as Pammy Panda from the 80’s cartoon Shirt Tales. I loved the mask and plastic cover. Since then Halloween Costumes have evolved, and so has my opinion of Halloween costumes.

I love to have costumes that are recognizable while being unique – there is nothing worse than someone asking you what you are.

Here are my top favorites for Halloween 2017 from– which would you choose?

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Dollar Tree is Your Back To School Headquarters

Why Dollar Tree is Your One Stop Back to School Headquarters

This post was sponsored by Dollar Tree, and this post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the content to follow and all opinions are my own.

As not only a bargain shopper, but also as a crafter I am always on the lookout for good deals and bargains. One of the more expensive times of the year is Back to School time – many times there are lists of items that need to be purchased, and at times the need to go to multiple stores is needed.

As I was recently walking through my local Dollar Tree I realized that those classrooms lists that forced my father to numerous stores, could be purchased at Dollar Tree.

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