Dollar Tree is Your Back To School Headquarters

Why Dollar Tree is Your One Stop Back to School Headquarters

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As not only a bargain shopper, but also as a crafter I am always on the lookout for good deals and bargains. One of the more expensive times of the year is Back to School time – many times there are lists of items that need to be purchased, and at times the need to go to multiple stores is needed.

As I was recently walking through my local Dollar Tree I realized that those classrooms lists that forced my father to numerous stores, could be purchased at Dollar Tree.

Classroom lists can be time consuming with the search for items and the travel to and from the store, Dollar Tree has made it a bit easier with a comprehensive Back to School selection – here are a couple of my favorite common needed finds.

This pack of Crayons gives the budding artist 16 more crayons with this deluxe set!

Glue Sticks are a standard in the lower grades, and this 8 pack will keep your kid’s glueing all year!

As kids get older, having notes on Index Cards becomes more convenient, and having a bulk amount available will make studying a little less stressful.

When I was in school Poster Board color options were few and far between, that is not the case now – from white to neon and colors in-between your guaranteed to find the right color.

As the grades climb, so does the need to have Pens and Notebooks on hand. With different colors available, each subject can have it’s own color.

From Calculators, Eraser Tops, Three Hole Punches, as well as Glue Sticks there is nothing you will not find at Dollar Tree.

As a student, I loved using pens, and Dollar Tree has a vast collection of Pens and Pencils, Highlighters.

Dollar Tree does not forget about the hard-working teachers that compile those lists – they have a full section for Classroom Decorations, Acknowledgement Certificates, as well as Flash Cards.

Since everything is $1.00, you will be able to stretch that Back to School budget and splurge n yourself! Dollar Tree makes it easy to order online with pickup in your local stores, which means this saves your time, and sanity. In this busy world, it is nice to have simple ways to save your money and keeping you from making numerous stops for the yearly supplies needed.

Save time and be sure to grab your list and head to your nearest Dollar Tree – make it easier and order online for in-store pickup!


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