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Elfster Secret Santa Generator and Wish List 

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Each year around this time I see the same emails from my family – the yearly gift exchange. As time has progressed, the email recipients have gotten to be more. As the holiday approaches, the pressure grows, and the question of what to purchase people becomes the topic of phone calls, texts and emails. 

I am always looking for ways to make things easier, and this applies to the yearly gift exchange. As I began looking for a way to streamline and simplify the process I came upon Elfster which is the free online gift exchange service.

The great thing about Elfster is that it allows you  to organize and coordinate secret Santa exchanges, wish lists as well as many other holiday exchanges.

One of the features is the ability to organize gift exchanges which allows you to email participating members, include a sign-up deadline, the deadline to exchange gifts and the delivery methods. There is also the ability to make your own rules, and the ability to make a wish list.

The wish list is easy to add items to and has every option that you can think of including sweaters! Since I am such a fan of sweaters and warmth, this is one of the most practical gifts I can receive.

The Elfster services do not end – you can use it to generate secret Santa participants, as well as the rules of and how to do a Secret Santa Exchange.

One of my favorite games during the holidays is a white elephant exchange. A White Elephant Exchange is basically taking an item in which you cannot get rid of and gift it to another person. This can include an item whose cost is out of proportion to its usefulness. It is generally a silly or funny gift, whose purpose is to entertain the recipient.

The holiday season is hectic, and time is limited – with Elfster you can enjoy the time with family, friends and loved ones instead of spending your time organizing the events that will become memories.


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