35 thoughts on “StickerYou.com $30.00 Credit Giveaway

  1. Cynthia Conley

    I like the star stickers my teachers used to put on my spelling test papers, especially the gold ones.

  2. katie bellamy

    I collected stickers when I was young, still love them! Sparkly & glittery ones are my fave!

  3. Michele Pineda

    I had a collection of different stickers growing up and I used to put them in a book… some of my favorite were Barbie stickers and glittery heart stickers.

  4. MD Kennedy

    When I was a kid they had stickers in a pack with gum; I think they were called Wacky Packs. Those were my favorite stickers.

  5. larescoe

    I love all kinds of stickers! I guess if I would have to pick I would say the sparkly kind, and the raised ones are cool too. My kinds have reusable ones that are pretty awesome as well. 🙂


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