AliveCor: Kardia Mobile Review

Heart Monitoring with the AliveCor: Kardia Mobile EKG Monitor

A couple of months ago I took my father in for a fairly routine surgery. I was suppose to drop him off, and  hours later pick him up. Instead a mere minutes after dropping him off I was getting a call that a cardiologist needed to speak to me immediately and I had a decision to make.

As it turned out, as they were completing this “routine” surgery, my father passed a clot and had a heart attack on the table. As I would later hear he thought it was a severe acid reflux until it was not going away. I was lucky, since he was on the table, they were able to do everything they needed.

As we would learn, the clot traveled to an artery that happened to be clogged, and since he was pumped with drugs to break up the clot, that is what happened when it hit that clog. Here is the issue – he never knew he had an artery that was 99% clogged.

When the dust settled, and stints put in to improve blood flow, the questions began. Ever a diligent man, he went for his yearly testing and listened to the doctors instructions, but we quickly realized this was not enough, he needed to take hold of his heart health.

When I was recently approached AliveCor makers of the Kardia Mobile the timing could not have been more perfect and more timely.

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of AliveCor. This post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

I received an AliveCor: Kardia Mobile EKG to let my father use and monitor his heart health.

AliveCor: Kardia Mobile EKG enables smartphone users to take an on-the-spot EKG readings anywhere for a quick read on their heart using a simple device that can attach to your phone.

The Kardia Mobile is a smartphone attachment that is smaller than a credit card,that is and FDA-approved device. The simple attachment gives a full picture of heart health through physical activity, body weight and blood pressure tracking.

As luck would have it, it was recommended by my father’s physical therapist that he get this exact device so he can get a handle on his heart.

While we know that this would not have prevented what happened, had we had this information he could have seen a cardiologist before one was chosen for him (his Cardiologist said, you don’t find them – they find you!).

A monthly plan of $10.00 a month allows you to save your EKG’s  to show to your doctor. If you chose to not pay, it saves the last EKG you took. The device does require  a CR2016 LI battery that comes with the device. While there is tape to attach this to your phone you can keep also keep it within 12 inches of your phone.


As his daughter, and only child, I worry about him and since learning of the trouble his heart has, makes me worry even more – any piece of mind that his heart is working properly is a welcome thing.

If you want to take charge of your heart health, or help someone you love take charge of theirs, get a AliveCor: Kardia Mobile EKG.

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