Back to School: 5 Brushing Tips

Back to School: 5 Brushing Tips and Win a Dr. Sharp Children’s Toothpaste

Dr Sharp Childrens ToothpasteSummer is coming quickly to close and with that the beginning of the school year. I used to love this time of the year, as each year held the hope of new friends, new adventures and new experiences.

With the start of the new school year comes the start of new daily brushing rituals. so here I share my top tips for getting children to brush. At the end you can win a Dr. Sharp Dentistry’s children’s toothbrush t get your start setting these healthy habits.

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As we embark on a new school year comes new brushing rituals. Here I share my top tips for getting kid to brush while keeping it fun!

Teach Them Why They Need to Brush: Kids generally do no understand the importance of brushing and at their young age they can not imagine that tooth care is as important as it is. It is our job to educate an ensure they get a good oral hygiene base.

Make Brushing a Game: Kids love to play, so make it a game with a reward at the end. An easy way to accomplish this would be to set up a chart with stickers, for each brushing (am/pm) they get a sticker, if they accumulate a week or 10 days worth they chose a small prize.

Don’t Use the Dentist as a Threaten to Children: I know as a child of the 70’s both my husband and I heard threats that included the dentist and waking up with no teeth. While yes this is true, probably better not to make the dentist the bad guy – you never know if you are planting an aversion seed that will grow with time.

Praise Their Efforts and Hold Them Accountable: When your young kids brush their on their own, praise them but if they forget hold them accountable. You want to plant the seeds for a lifetime of good oral hygiene and that starts with positive reinforcement and positive association.

Brush for at Least 2 minutes: Play a favorite song, tell them a story or make up a funny story. Silence makes the time crawl but activity can make the brushing breeze by.

A great way to set these habit early is by using Dr. Sharp Dentistry’s children’s oral care products.

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17 thoughts on “Back to School: 5 Brushing Tips

  1. violet taylor

    we have little checklists with simple sentences and pictures in each room, and a bedtime / wakeup that includes brushign teeth

  2. Diana Cote

    My daughter was very difficult about brushing her teeth and she developed a cavity so we told her if she didn’t brush i was booking a dentist appointment. she now doesn’t fight us at all, the taste of the toothpaste is important though or she wont do it. haha

  3. Maryann D.

    I always explained how important clean teeth are to my children, so they always brushed. They did not want problems or cavities when going to the dentist.

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