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Jack n’ Jill Dino Gift Kit Review

Jack n’ Jill: Dino Gift Kit Review + Giveaway

Summer is upon us and with that comes trips away from home. When we are kids, we want to bring every toothbrush, every toy and every piece of clothes that we can. When we are adults, we learn that less is more and simplicity can be streamlined.

With the summer travel season upon us, it is the perfect time to get those travel bags ready. When I saw the  Jack n’ Jill Dino Gift Kit, I was excited because this is the simplest and easiest way to pack oral items for the little ones.

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Back to School: 5 Brushing Tips

Back to School: 5 Brushing Tips and Win a Dr. Sharp Children’s Toothpaste

Dr Sharp Childrens ToothpasteSummer is coming quickly to close and with that the beginning of the school year. I used to love this time of the year, as each year held the hope of new friends, new adventures and new experiences.

With the start of the new school year comes the start of new daily brushing rituals. so here I share my top tips for getting children to brush. At the end you can win a Dr. Sharp Dentistry’s children’s toothbrush t get your start setting these healthy habits.

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Davids Natural Toothpaste Review

Davids Natural Toothpaste Review and Giveaway

Davids Natural ToothpasteBy far one of the best things you can do for your body and health is focus on your oral health. When people are young it does not occur to them that the teeth they are given are teeth for life. It is important to take just as much care in your oral health as your mental and physical health.

Since oral health is paramount in my life I am always looking for a pure toothpaste that will give my teeth the best life possible. When I was at the Natural Products Expo I was able to meet the team of Davids Natural Toothpaste.

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Dr. Sharp Natural Oral Care Review

Dr. Sharp Natural Oral Care: Family Package Review and Giveaway

Dr. Sharps Family PackageWhen I was a child I literally had to many teeth in my mouth. As I got older the teeth began growing out of my gums. I am lucky in that my father spoke to a pediatric dentist and began a path that would ultimately straighten my teeth. The first step was get that tooth in the gums down to where the other teeth were. This was painful and slow, but over time it came down. Once that tooth was in place then the focus shifted to all the other teeth and straightening them It was estimated I would be in braces about 4 years, and it ended up being about 4 years and a couple of months.

I remember going to the dentist that day in 1992 and finally having my braces removed. My tooth felt naked after over 4 years of having metal on the front. My orthodontist kept photos of recently “un-braced” patients, and I will never forget the pride I felt to be on that wall.

Ever since that wonderful Spring day my oral care has been a priority. When I attended the Natural Products Expo one the items I discovered was Dr. Sharp Dentistry’s line of oral care products.

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