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Dr. Sharp Natural Oral Care Review

Dr. Sharp Natural Oral Care: Family Package Review and Giveaway

Dr. Sharps Family PackageWhen I was a child I literally had to many teeth in my mouth. As I got older the teeth began growing out of my gums. I am lucky in that my father spoke to a pediatric dentist and began a path that would ultimately straighten my teeth. The first step was get that tooth in the gums down to where the other teeth were. This was painful and slow, but over time it came down. Once that tooth was in place then the focus shifted to all the other teeth and straightening them It was estimated I would be in braces about 4 years, and it ended up being about 4 years and a couple of months.

I remember going to the dentist that day in 1992 and finally having my braces removed. My tooth felt naked after over 4 years of having metal on the front. My orthodontist kept photos of recently “un-braced” patients, and I will never forget the pride I felt to be on that wall.

Ever since that wonderful Spring day my oral care has been a priority. When I attended the Natural Products Expo one the items I discovered was Dr. Sharp Dentistry’s line of oral care products.

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