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Garlic Gold Nugget’s Gift Box Review

Garlic Gold: Garlic Gold Nuggets Gift Box Review and Giveaway

Garlic Gold Gift Set

I am not the same chef I once was, and that is a good thing.When Jason and I began our cooking adventure together, I could do little more than fry a simple chicken. As I learn more about cooking the more I realize it is a combination of the right seasoning and the right application of heat.

There are a couple of things I enjoy using in almost all my dishes is some form including olive oil and spices/salts. Back in October of 2015 I had the opportunity to review Garlic Gold’s olive oils. Since I have moved onto the the seasoning of my food I felt a good time to review their Garlic Gold Nuggets Gift Box. 

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Sauce Goddess: 3 Sauce Giveaway

Sauce Goddess 3 Sauce Giveaway and Video Contest

3 Pack Giveaway

There is no denying it, SUMMER IS HERE!!!

Summer was always a special time for me since I am a summer baby. I was born smack dab in the middle of summer and as so, I would have BBQ parties. The BBQ always played a role in my birthdays due to the ease, flavor and the versatility!

Since I am still a fan of the BBQ, and smothering whatever I am cooking in sauce I am THRILLED to offer you a Sauce Goddess Giveaway!!

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Victoria Fine Foods: Pasta Sauce Review

Victoria Fine Foods: Pasta Sauce Review and Giveaway

The holidays are approaching and this is the time of year for company coming for meals, pot luck meals and traditions. I have mentioned in past reviews about Jason and his Italian heritage. I hear stories of holiday of his youth that include many meals, and many variations of pasta with sauce.

Since Jason remembers these meals so fondly, he is very specific in his wishes for sauces. The ideal sauce for our house is made of all natural ingredients such as his Grandma made – he watched the ingredients go into the sauce, ensuring the freshness at a young age. The other quality of an ideal sauce is few ingredients, so that the flavors become distinct and individual. When Jason was young his Grandmother would quiz him on what was in the sauces – he usually guessed in the 90% range.

As an adult he has searched for a similar sauce, since the experience is one in a million in one lifetime, the sauce is the settler. As a review blogger we get opportunities to sample different items, and sometimes those items include pasta sauce. This was the case a couple of weeks ago when we had the opportunity to sample Victoria Foods Pasta Sauce.

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Garlic Gold by Seven Oaks Farm Review

Garlic Gold: Garlic Gold and Garlic Gold Oil Review and Giveaway

All products Garlic GoldIntroductions and cooking are remarkably similar, and both can be challenging. When a person embarks on learning to cook the introduction to the oils is inevitable. After a while a comfortably sets in and a distinction in flavor becomes noticeable – that is where the introduction of flavored olive oils is made.

I recently made an introduction of my own to Garlic Gold. Garlic Gold’s beginnings were unlike most companies, but completely unique. Garlic Gold began as a high school economics project by Rinaldo Brutoco for his son Orion. The students created a business plan around Rinaldo’s garlic recipe with crunchy toasted garlic nuggets included. The students packaged, labeled and sold the project at the local farmer’s market.

Today that student project is a company that believes that the legitimate precursors to success are having corporate responsibility, creating sustainability and always having integrity. Taking into account the company’s philosophy I was interested to see if the product was as good as I hoped it would be. I was sent the following USDA certified items for review:

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Seponifiq Bread and Lettuce Sepo Sauce Fall Giveaway

Seponifiq Bread and Lettuce Sepo Sauce Fall Giveaway!!!!

Seponifiq Bread and Lettuce SauceBack in June I reviewed Seponifiq’s Bread and Lettuce Sepo Sauce and at the time I had the opportunity to give away a prize pack and I am happy to announce that we are once again giving away a gift basket courtesy of Seponifiq Bread and Lettuce Sauce.

What is Seponifiq Bread and Lettuce Sepo Sauce you may wonder? It is a marinade, a sandwich spread, a dip for your vegetables, a salad dressing and a pasta mix in. The sauce has a slight garlic note in the background with a hint of horseradish. Also, this is a Gluten-free item that does make you feel like you are eating gluten-free. Click here for recipe ideas.

Enter below to win a fall themed gift basket to include at least 2 jars of Seponifiq’s Bread and Lettuce Sepo Sauce, as well as items such as coffee, candles and fall themed decor and you can enter below and GOOD LUCK!!!!

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Send Me Gluten Free Monthly Box Review and Giveaway

Send Me Gluten Free Monthly Subscription Review and Giveaway – April 2015 Box

Send Me Gluten Free April BoxThe one thing I have learned is that you can not stop time. Time marches on no matter what we do and how we wish for things to be slower. I heard once that it is called “the quickening” and the longer time goes I think that is the perfect word for the way life passes by. With the march of time comes the passing of months and the quick arrival of a big day in my life, With each day that passes, I reconsider my food choices and the potential benefits of my new choices.

There is something special about knowing that somebody is curating a box with health consciousness in mind. Send Me Gluten Free’s monthly box is doing just that for the Gluten-Free community. Each month Send Me Gluten Free (SMGF) chooses 8-12 full size items to include in their monthly box, which allow for greater sampling of the available offerings for those with gluten sensitivity. They were generous enough to send me the April box to sample and review and included in the box were the following products.

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