41 thoughts on “Crunchies Freeze Dried Fruit Review

  1. Ann Fantom

    I like to use crayon, colored pencils or pens when making my scrapbooks because they are easy to use and give my work a handmade look

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  3. Rosie

    My favorite is colored pencils. I feel I can add the layers of subtlety that I like and you can get more variation.

  4. Kristin McCall

    I love using pens to color because they are less messy and they glide on paper easier.

  5. Char

    I love using colored pencils. They are so easy to use. Thanks for the great offer and your last two giveaways!

  6. Nicole Sender

    I like to use colored pencils because they are more exact and there are so many different colors.

  7. Maryann D.

    I do like to use colored pencils. I find that I can be more detailed. But I also like highlight markers, they are useful.

  8. Heather D

    The right kind of pens are hard to beat. I also love a fresh set of quality colored pencils.

  9. DeeAnn

    I prefer crayons. It reminds me of my childhood, and when I used to color with my kids.

  10. Jennifer H.

    I would say crayons because I like the waxy look and they are easier to blend.

  11. vicki lorenz

    Color pencils are what I prefer. You can shade better and the color you can get close to what you want.

  12. jsc123

    I prefer crayons because I love to outline and it’s easier for me to use them when outlining and shading.


  13. JL Reed

    My favorite thing to use to color is sharp colored pencils because I like that you can control the shading better with this coloring tool.

  14. Brenda Elsner

    I love coloring with crayons. Brings back tons of memories with my grandparents.

  15. Joy Venters

    crayons-I like them because I have them on hand. I’ve never tried the pencils.


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