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Homemade by Reader’s Digest Review

Homemade: 707 Products to Make Yourself to Save Money and the Earth – Review and Giveaway


If there is one thing I love to make, it is homemade cleaners, and products. Since we have two cats, their safety on surfaces that they touch is vital. Since I was young I have enjoyed reading Reader’s DIgest, and learning new tips, words and stories. When I got a email that they had compiled 707 ideas in a book called Homemade: 707 Products that You Make Yourself to Save Money and the Earth, I was immediately interest.

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Stock the Crock – Slow-Cooker Recipe Book Review

Stock The Crock this Crocktober with Stock the Crock: 100 Must-Have Slow-Cooker Recipes, 200 Variations for Every Appetite Review & Giveaway

One of my favorite kitchen items is my crock pot. We love our crock pot so much that we have 3 of them. We have the big one, middle and a smaller one. I use the larger one for everything from pork to chicken.

Lately though it has been mentioned to me that I need to broaden our food selections and our pallettes, which made the arrival of a copy of Stock the Crock by Phyllis Good for review not only timely but also beneficial.

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The Lego Animation Book and Geeky Lego Crafts Book Review

The Lego Animation and Geeky Lego Crafts Book Review + Giveaway

Since I was an only child, I had many moments throughout my young life that I would be bored in my own home. It was usually during these moments that I would begin to reorganize my room or start a new project I had never done before.

One of my favorite things to do was to put together LEGO kits, you know the ones that have all the pieces needed to create a ship, or van or environment for my LEGO people. I would spend hours matching pieces and clicking them together.

Despite my creativity, I never thought that there was much more I could do with LEGO’s and inevitably they would end up taken apart, in the box in my closet never to be seen again. When I recently received a copy of the LEGO books Geeky LEGO Crafts and The LEGO Animation Book I realized the missed opportunities I had all those years earlier with my beloved brick blocks. .

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Win a copy of Yogasana: The Encyclopedia of Yoga Poses

Win a copy of Yogasana: The Encyclopedia of Yoga Poses

giveaway-book-yogasanaI am starting my yearly clean out and with that comes some fun giveaways coming.

To launch this clean-up I am giving away a copy of Yogasana – The Encyclopedia of Yoga Poses which was in the May 2016 Buddhi Box.

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BuddhiBox Monthly Subscription Review – May 2016 Box

BuddhiBox Monthly Subscription Review and Book Giveaway – May 2016 Box

May 2016 Box ContentsAs we embark in this election year it is becoming clear that the country is divided and needs some injection of peace and love. Every night on the news all that is seen are rally’s that turn into protests and protests that turn into arrest records.

The common thread is that the one thing we need the most, is the one thing that all yogi;s know, we need peace. There are a couple of ways to achieve peace but the easiest is to be what you want to put out into the world. I think many people forget that to be nice is not difficult and the simplest thing we can do.

Each month when I receive my monthly BuddhiBox I am reminded of this simple message. Each month I have the opportunity to review boxes (click here to see the previous reviews) and each month I can expect a nice introduction in the yoga/healthy living lifestyle. The message is always one of compassion, and understanding and living a pure life, as well as being the company’s motto.

This month continues the new box and is strong and sturdy box that is printed on all box sides. I loved that a green crinkle wrap replaced the green tissue paper, but still retained the green theme. This month came with 3 cardboard information cards that are in full color and on thick glossy card stock. The first card was the Yoga pose of “Balasana” that shows the pose in full color, as well as the benefits and directions about the pose. These pose cards are made especially for BuddhiBox by a company called Yogicards. There is a recipe for a “Strawberries Fruit of Spirit and Health” that is made using 6 ingredients  The final information card included was a box manifest and on the other side the following quote:

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.  – Lao Tzu

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