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Homemade by Reader’s Digest Review

Homemade: 707 Products to Make Yourself to Save Money and the Earth – Review and Giveaway


If there is one thing I love to make, it is homemade cleaners, and products. Since we have two cats, their safety on surfaces that they touch is vital. Since I was young I have enjoyed reading Reader’s DIgest, and learning new tips, words and stories. When I got a email that they had compiled 707 ideas in a book called Homemade: 707 Products that You Make Yourself to Save Money and the Earth, I was immediately interest.

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Effie’s Homemade Tea Biscuits Review

Effie’s Homemade: Cocoa-Cakes, Nut Cakes and Oat Cakes Review + Giveaway

Relaxation can be hard to come by in this modern and busy world that we live in. When I do have a moment of quiet and relaxation, I want to enjoy the moment. One of my indulgences for relaxation is tea, a good book and cookies.

Since I am always looking for new cookies to add to my tea snack collection, and when I saw Effie’s Homemade cakes, I knew that they would be the perfect accessory for my moments of relaxation.

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A Homemade Scratch Pad for the Muggles

Begin scratch padA Homemade Scratch Pad for 2 Muggles

The one benefit of being a review blogger is that we have a nice flow of boxes arriving which makes for a lot of cardboard. I hate the idea of just throwing the cardboard away and I have long talked about making a scratch pad for Maggee and Murfee. I see these grand cat scratch posts that people make and while I dream of creating one, realistically I know that it is best to start easy and build up.

These two animals love their scratch pad and I can honestly say they rarely use our couch or items they should not use. To thank them for their pad loyalty, I figured it was time to make them their own scratch pad.

Step 1 of Cat Scratch PadI gathered my materials:

  • A box with sturdy sides – I used a box from a recent Costco trip that worked great!
  • A ton of cardboard to slice and dice
  • A ruler, hot glue gun, extra glue sticks, a pencil and a sharp utility knife.
  • Space to stack and space to spread your arms
  • About 3-4 hours of time including prep to completion

Once I gathered all my materials I sat down, I came up with my plan which basically consisted of measuring the inside of the box. I measured the length and height of the inside of the box and then took those measurements and put them on a piece of cardboard to be used as my template.

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