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Needleart World: Diamond Dotz Kit – Sweet Treats Review

Diamond Dotz Diamond Embroidery Facet Art Kit: Sweet Treats Review + a Giveaway

I have always been into crafting and creating something that I can add to my home with pride knowing I am the one who created the item. Generally I have stuck to a couple crafts including knitting, cross stitching and regular stitching, latch hook and scrapbooking.

A couple of months ago I was surfing around Instagram and saw a new type of craft available, called Diamond Dotz. The basic idea was the there was a group of symbols that correlated to a number and color of dotz. Once placed on the adhesive surface they would stick and then together create a beautiful image.The technique is refered to as a Diamond Facet Art Kit

I reached out to Needleart World to see about getting a kit to do a review and they were generous to send me “Sweet Treats” for review, and I have never been more excited to step outside my craft comfort zone.

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Fulcrum Gallery – Golden Wildflowers I Review

Fulcrum Gallery – Golden Wildflowers I Review and Print Giveaway

Megan Meagher Golden WildflowersOne of the most challenging parts about having a house is deciding on the various decor in each room.

After over 4 years in our home I am finally deciding how I want to decorate each of the rooms. For my craft room I decided on bright colors that would always inspire creativity, and the art in the room is my art throughout the years. Our living room is a mix of photos and sunflowers in a neutral palette. For our bathroom I went with a coastal/under the sea theme since we live on the west coast.

For our bedroom, I am still firming up my plans, but so far it is a collection of my art creations and various prints that evoke calm and relaxation. A couple of months ago I created a button project that expresses love. Since I have wanted to find a floral print that would coordinate well with the existing photos and prints I am always on the look-out. When FulcrumGallery.com reached out for a review from their “Timeless Chic” collections I was totally willing.

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Art Therapy Magazine Review

Art Therapy Magazine Review

Art Therapy with PensAbout 5 years ago I went through a severe health scare and with that came many, many hours in waiting rooms and testing facilities. During those long days I wished I would have had a distraction to get me thinking about something other than the reason I was in the waiting rooms.

When you are stuck in the waiting rooms of medical facilities the options for amusement are limited and usually consist of using ones smart phone, bringing a book to read and if courageous enough, making small talk with the other medical waiters. Time takes forever and is fleeting all at once. I tried all these things to distract me, and despite my best attempts they never worked. It is nice to have something to start and have completed in a tumultuous time.

The newest trend making a roaring comeback into the 20-teens is Adult Coloring – which is not different then the coloring we did as a children other than the designs are more grown up. I was recently send 2 issues of Art Therapy Magazine for review, which is a coloring periodical.

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