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Art Therapy Magazine Review

Art Therapy Magazine Review

Art Therapy with PensAbout 5 years ago I went through a severe health scare and with that came many, many hours in waiting rooms and testing facilities. During those long days I wished I would have had a distraction to get me thinking about something other than the reason I was in the waiting rooms.

When you are stuck in the waiting rooms of medical facilities the options for amusement are limited and usually consist of using ones smart phone, bringing a book to read and if courageous enough, making small talk with the other medical waiters. Time takes forever and is fleeting all at once. I tried all these things to distract me, and despite my best attempts they never worked. It is nice to have something to start and have completed in a tumultuous time.

The newest trend making a roaring comeback into the 20-teens is Adult Coloring – which is not different then the coloring we did as a children other than the designs are more grown up. I was recently send 2 issues of Art Therapy Magazine for review, which is a coloring periodical.

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