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FramedArt.com Review

FramedArt.com Review and Giveaway

Sunflower Print from Framed Art When you are young the decorations in your living space are generally nothing more than posters of the idols and hair bands of our youth (at least these were my decorations). As you age your decorations age with you and the posters of teen idols get put on high shelves and are replaced with new-found loves, passions, causes and interests.

I discovered as I aged I found a peace in sunflowers. There is something about sunflowers that evoke an image of sun, happiness and hope reminding us that the sun always rises. I have always been a fan of bright and happy flowers.

I have one sunflower painting in my house that my best friends mother painted for me about 13 years ago and I have wanted to add to the budding collection ever since. I recently was given the opportunity to order a print from FramedArt.com to aid in my ultimate goal of a sunflower gallery of themed artwork in my home.

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