True Gentlemen’s Jerky 2016 Holiday Giveaway

True Gentleman’s Jerky 6 Pack Holiday 2016 Giveaway

true-jerky-assortmentOne of our favorite snack’s is jerky and as luck would have it, jerky makes the perfect snack to leave out for the Santa in your life!

In honor of the big guys eminent arrival we are giving away a 6 pack of True Gentlemen’s Jerky for him to try some unique flavors that he may not have seen before.

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of True Gentlemen’s Jerky. This post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

Win a True Gentlemens Jerky’s 6 Pack which is available in gluten-free flavors including the following:

honey-bourbon-brisketThe flavors available are Original Peppered Beef Jerky, Argentinian Chimchurri, The Sinsa – Korean Flavored BBQ Beef Jerky, Southern Gentleman – Honey Bourbon Brisket Beef Jerky, Sweet & Heat – Thai Mango Curry Beef Jerky and The Sommelier – Blackberry Merlot Beef Jerky.

the-sinsa-korean-flavored-bbqTrue Gentlemen’s Jerky uses locally sourced beef and contains no nitrates, preservatives, or animal bi-products. Each of these jerky flavors are gluten-free marinated in a low-sodium soy sauce. The cattle’s beef are fed a 100% vegetarian diet and are not given any antibiotics or growth hormones. Each piece utilizes a “french-fry” cut which makes it easy to eat and eliminates the need to rip or tear through a piece of meat.

As an added bonus included in each bag of jerky is DENTAL FLOSS!!

Give this San Diego based jerky company a try, and I know you will love it as much as we do!


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 GIVEAWAY: True Gentlemen’s Jerky is offering a 6 pack of jerky to my readers!  (1) lucky winner will be selected at random to win (1) 6 Pack of True Gentleman’s Jerky that will include 1 bag each of the following flavors: Original Peppered Beef Jerky, Argentinian Chimchurri, The Sinsa – Korean Flavored BBQ Beef Jerky, Southern Gentleman – Honey Bourbon Brisket Beef Jerky, Sweet & Heat – Thai Mango Curry Beef Jerky and The Sommelier – Blackberry Merlot Beef Jerky. This is a $42.00 value! *Please note that you may not receive this in time for Christmas* I will be randomly choosing 1 person on December 16th (12/16/2016) to receive this 6 pack treat!  Open to residents in the US only. To enter complete the entries below! Winner will be notified by DealsAmongUs by email and prize will be fulfilled by True Gentlemen’s Jerky. Remember you have 48 hours to claim prize, or I will choose another winner. GOOD LUCK!!!

Win a 6 pack of True Gentleman’s Jerky!




47 thoughts on “True Gentlemen’s Jerky 2016 Holiday Giveaway

  1. Janet Hcnyl

    A man who is decent and kind is a true gentleman. And if he laid his coat over a mud puddle so I could walk through it without ruining my shoes, well, he’d be a true gentleman of the movie kind. 😉

  2. Char

    A true gentleman always checks on you and takes care of you. I just want to win one of these! Thanks 🙂

  3. Michelle Poole

    A true gentleman puts your needs before his own, is polite and respectful at all time, loves his mother and is well-mannered.

  4. Wade Stenquist

    A true gentleman is someone who is always courteous, kind, and calm as well as being the type of person to help others without expecting payment in return!

  5. Debbie F

    A man who is respectful who doesn’t have to go around proving his masculinity all the time.

  6. Christina Sparks

    A man that open doors for women, do not talk vulgar in front them. Show them as much respect as they want.

  7. Jeanne Coulombe

    True gentleman is my husband of 30 yrs who takes care off his sick wife and his 2 children. After many surgerys my husband takes care of the house the kids laundry cooking cleaning everything and me. The church women came over one time brought a meals and came to clean or whatever we needed after one of my surgies. They couldn;t believe that the house was clean dinner was made. lol

  8. Alexandra Campbell

    Gentle, respectful, witty, strong and clever! Also doesn’t mind chewing on some beef jerky with me!

  9. Denise Sanders

    A true gentleman will treat you like you deserve to be treated, and agrees to disagree and respects other people’s opinion.

  10. Elle Tucker

    A true gentleman knows the importance to being respectful even in less desirable situations.

  11. clynsg

    A man who respects others (including their views on various things). This involves far more than surface politeness.

  12. Justo

    I’m winning this I don’t care I will fight for that jerky I can’t believe they’re trying to tease us like this smh should be illegal

  13. betty

    My definition of a “true gentleman” is a man that deserves respect because of his integrity in moral and ethical principles. In reality, a man that knows how to treat others.thanks

  14. Lyndsey R.

    A man who opens doors for you, is honest, is loyal and compassionate. If you find this man, send him my way LOL


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