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True Jerky 8-pack Assortment – Spring 2017 Giveaway

True Jerky 8-pack Basket Filler Assortment – Spring 2017 Giveaway –

As Spring enters and Winter fades, we are spending more time outside, and less time indoors. What all this time outdoors means is that we are looking and eager for easy on-the-go snacks,

Since one of the easiest is jerky, I am thrilled to give you the opportunity to win a 8-pack of True Jerky for those Spring days in the sunshine!

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True Jerky’s Turkey Jerky Review

True Jerky’s *NEW* Turkey Jerky Review + Giveaway

I have mentioned in the past that one of my favorite things is when companies introduce new products. Since starting this blog I have discovered that jerky is one of my favorite things and that there are as many varieties as I am willing to sample.

As many readers know I am in San Diego, and I am a proud San Diegan. One of the highlights of my reviewing journey is when I have the opportunity to review local companies.

When I attended the Natural Expo West Show in Anaheim last year, I came upon True Jerky (previously known as True Gentleman’s Jerky). The thing that got my attention were the unique flavors and with the new release of their three turkey jerky flavors, my attention has been gotten again.

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True Gentlemen’s Jerky 2016 Holiday Giveaway

True Gentleman’s Jerky 6 Pack Holiday 2016 Giveaway

true-jerky-assortmentOne of our favorite snack’s is jerky and as luck would have it, jerky makes the perfect snack to leave out for the Santa in your life!

In honor of the big guys eminent arrival we are giving away a 6 pack of True Gentlemen’s Jerky for him to try some unique flavors that he may not have seen before.

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True Gentleman Jerky Review

True Gentleman Jerky Review and Giveaway

True Jerky on displayA funny thing has stated happening recently. My taste buds are not what they once where – let me explain further. The first thing that started happening was that I have noticed a spike in the increase of water I consume. I have never been a large water drinker, but Jason is, and it is starting rubbing off on me.

The second thing that has happened is that I can taste a pure food versus a food full of preservatives. Instead of the preservative laden snacks I used to eat, I have discovered that the preservative free food is much more flavorful. I have begun to learn the value of this quality where snack foods are concerned.

The quest for healthier snack foods was on my mind when I recently attended the Natural Expo West Show in Anaheim. I decided to attempt to focus my efforts when I was walking and came upon True Gentlemens Jerky. The thing that got my attention were the  unique flavors that I had not seen before.

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