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Svelte Men Product Review

Svelte Men: Shave Cream and 3-in-1 Review and Giveaway

Svelte Men 2 productsMen are synonymous with simplicity, there are few things as simple as a man. I have been lucky in that I was raised by a man, so I have inherited that simplicity. I take little time to get ready and generally use few products. I believe that woman attract men that are much like themselves. If this fact is true than I found the male equivalent of my level of simplicity.

Until recently I believed I married a man who had the same simplicity as I have, as it turns out he may not be as simple as I once believed. It turns out that for men the shaving process is much more complicated than I initially thought.  It was through review blogging I made this discovery when I received an offer in my inbox for a review of shaving goods and mentioned it to Jason. I was then informed that is was a little more complicated than a shaver and water.

The email I received was from Svelte Men, a men’s barbershop located in the Hollywood Hill’s of Los Angeles and Manhattan Beach California has a line of shaving products for the at home use.

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