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Cremo: Love His Beard with a Beard Care Set Giveaway

Love His Beard This Valentine’s Day With a Beard Care Set Giveaway

This Valentine’s Day show the man you love that you also love his beard.

One of the best gifts is something that can be used each day and so I am thrilled that one winner will receive this Cremo Beard Grooming Set!

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Svelte Men Product Review

Svelte Men: Shave Cream and 3-in-1 Review and Giveaway

Svelte Men 2 productsMen are synonymous with simplicity, there are few things as simple as a man. I have been lucky in that I was raised by a man, so I have inherited that simplicity. I take little time to get ready and generally use few products. I believe that woman attract men that are much like themselves. If this fact is true than I found the male equivalent of my level of simplicity.

Until recently I believed I married a man who had the same simplicity as I have, as it turns out he may not be as simple as I once believed. It turns out that for men the shaving process is much more complicated than I initially thought.  It was through review blogging I made this discovery when I received an offer in my inbox for a review of shaving goods and mentioned it to Jason. I was then informed that is was a little more complicated than a shaver and water.

The email I received was from Svelte Men, a men’s barbershop located in the Hollywood Hill’s of Los Angeles and Manhattan Beach California has a line of shaving products for the at home use.

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