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Naturtint Permanent Hair Colorant Review

Naturtint Permanent Hair Colorant Review

Naturtint 5G Light Golden ChesnutTo many people I won the genetic lottery: blonde hair and blue eyes. There is a downside to this genetic win, blonde jokes – so, so many blonde jokes. By the time I was late into my high school journey I finally grew tired of the constant jokes that did not apply to me. I began dying my hair and for that first color I went totally different – Red! There was no easing into this opposite spectral color, I was all in from the start.

Flash forward 20 years and admittedly I am older, smarter, wiser and I realize what a gift it is to still have my natural blond hair. I still yearn for the easy change I can make to my appearance, but hate the idea of all the harmful chemicals that are used in modern-day at home hair coloring box systems. One of the worst parts about coloring your own hair is the strong ammonia smell that inevitably fills your bathroom and surrounding area. I know that my two cats avoid me like the plague when I am coloring my hair due to the smell, I think it burns their little noses.

Something in me has been brewing, and I knew I wanted a change, so I began looking for alternatives to the potentially dangerous options for hair coloring that are currently available. I happened upon Natrutint during my searching. I reached out to this plant-based hair color company to do a review and they were generous enough to send me a color to try. I chose color “5G Light Golden Chestnut” – which on the box looks like a brown with hints of blond.

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