23 thoughts on “Naturtint Colorant: Combining Colors Review

  1. Julie Wood

    The most extreme thing I have ever done is to Sky Dive once when I was younger. It was really scary and I will never do it again.

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  3. Mary Beth Elderton

    The most extreme thing I have ever done??? *On the advice of my attorney I invoke my 5th amendment right against self-incrimination and decline to answer that question.*
    LOL–it was probably the time as a teenager in the 70’s that I took off to a concert without telling anyone and was reported “missing.” Well..I was the 70’s!

  4. mickeyfan

    Hairwise? Let my art teacher cut it when I was in 8th grade. Was shoulder length…she cut it to less than 2″. Quite a shock, but I loved it.

  5. Maryann D.

    For me the most extreme thing that I have ever done was go to New York City with just my daughter with me.

  6. Angel Garrett

    the most extreme thing that I have ever done was cut may hair pixie style and dyed it black. i looked super pale

  7. Tahirah

    The most extreme thing I’ve done is take my dad clippers and cut off the back of my hair. So for some weeks I had a bald head in the back during my Senior yr of HS

  8. betty

    Some people would say that riding a motorcycle is an extreme activity but it is just something that I enjoy doing. The most extreme roads I have ridden was in the Blue Ridge Mountains! thanks

  9. holly lawson

    I am so not adventurous but I am a mom and my daughter was born in the snow in Montana!


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