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New Year, New You Natrutint Giveaway

New Year, New You – Naturtint Hair Color Giveaway

naturtint-colors-swatchA new year is upon is and with that New Year comes the desire for something new.

The exciting thing is that as of January 1st the clock resets, and we get another year to live up to the resolutions that we make. One resolution I make is to change something minor about myself that will make me feel better about myself. This could be loosing weight, to changing my hair color.

Since I am such a fan of the Naturtint line of hair coloring, I am thrilled to be able to give 5 people the opportunity to win the color of their choice for the New Year!

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Naturtint Colorant: Combining Colors Review

Naturtint Colorant: Combining Two Colors Review + Giveaway

naturtint-colors-swatchWhen you reach a certain age, change becomes not only harder but can be nearly impossible. The one change that can be made easily, and still make an impact is to ones hair. I used to color my hair for a change, and now I am coloring it to hide the grey that is slowly taking over in portions to large to ignore.

When I was young I was blessed with a very light-colored blond that could only be described as a bleach blond. As I aged my hair darkened into a more sandy blond, which remained through out my early teens, when I discovered the wonder of hair coloring.

I began taking my blond into the brown family, and then I went drastic – I went magenta! I made a deal with my father that I would not veer far off blond until after my senior photo. Shortly there-after the red shades were introduced to my hair, and I stayed red until my late 20’s. When I was in my 30’s I decided to go back to basics and go back to blond. I stripped my hair, and went back to blond.

Since then, to combat the emerging grey, I stick to colors close to the original coloring’s. I have been noticing the emergence of this grey, and it’s attempted take over of my head. Last year I reviewed Naturtint, which is a plant-based hair coloring company that is family owned!

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ColorMetrics: Touchback and Streekers Review

ColorMetrics: Touchback & Streekers Review and Giveaway

Colormetrics - Streakers and TouchbackI have mentioned in the past how I put my hair through a lot of abuse, due to dying and getting a permanent whenever legally allowed. I have sense calmed that abusive action and now when I do color my hair it is with natural dyes, and no ammonia or peroxide.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, I am a San Diego Charger fan, and a proud fan. I love wearing my jersey on game days, and I have scrunchies and ribbons galore to adorn my hair with. I decided long ago, that despite my love, I would never dye my hair a blue or yellow (blond is yellow isn’t it?). I have always thought it would be fun to show my pride via my hair.

I am always on the lookout for new or different products that can change my hair and I have discovered two such products from ColorMetrics – Touchback Instant Temporary Color and Streekers: Wild Weekend Hot Colors for Cool Hair.

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Naturtint Permanent Hair Colorant Review

Naturtint Permanent Hair Colorant Review

Naturtint 5G Light Golden ChesnutTo many people I won the genetic lottery: blonde hair and blue eyes. There is a downside to this genetic win, blonde jokes – so, so many blonde jokes. By the time I was late into my high school journey I finally grew tired of the constant jokes that did not apply to me. I began dying my hair and for that first color I went totally different – Red! There was no easing into this opposite spectral color, I was all in from the start.

Flash forward 20 years and admittedly I am older, smarter, wiser and I realize what a gift it is to still have my natural blond hair. I still yearn for the easy change I can make to my appearance, but hate the idea of all the harmful chemicals that are used in modern-day at home hair coloring box systems. One of the worst parts about coloring your own hair is the strong ammonia smell that inevitably fills your bathroom and surrounding area. I know that my two cats avoid me like the plague when I am coloring my hair due to the smell, I think it burns their little noses.

Something in me has been brewing, and I knew I wanted a change, so I began looking for alternatives to the potentially dangerous options for hair coloring that are currently available. I happened upon Natrutint during my searching. I reached out to this plant-based hair color company to do a review and they were generous enough to send me a color to try. I chose color “5G Light Golden Chestnut” – which on the box looks like a brown with hints of blond.

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