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Sun Bum Hair Care Review

Sun Bum Shampoo and Conditioner Review and Giveaway

Sun Bum Shampoo and ConditionerSometimes it is easy to forget how lucky I am. I was lucky to grow up less than 5 miles from the beach, and now as a homeowner I live a mere 1/4 mile from one of the most world renowned beaches in the United States.

The ocean is a vast and quite the mystery. The mystery being an answer to a question that is always being asked. On breezy days we can smell the saltwater coming off the ocean and feel the ocean breeze. My neighbors are all a decade or younger than my husband and I, and spend their days as mermen and mermaids. Despite this age divide we have one common thread, our mutual respect for the ocean.

As a kid that grew up so close to the ocean, I often had sun bleached hair that tended towards white the early part of life. As I have gotten older, I take much better care of my hair, but I still worry about sun damage and those relentless UV rays. I rarely use additional product and I let my hair air dry, but it really starts with my shampoo and conditioner. I recently received a bottle of Sun Bum Shampoo and Conditioner.

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