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Epsom Salt Rainbow DIY

Epsom Salt Rainbow DIY + Giveaway!!!!

epsom-salt-rainbowThere are few items as versatile as Epsom Salt.

Epsom Salt is a magnesium sulfate that is in an inorganic, which means that it does not consist of or derives from living matter or that are not organic. This is a salt that contains magnesium sulfur and oxygen. While it sounds complicated, really what you have is a versatile salt that can not be eaten but can be used on your body, beauty products and even stubborn dishes.

The largest issue that we have is stubborn dishes, the food gets caked on and making the clean up near impossible. Since Epsom Salt when used before you scrub your dishes, makes the clean up a little easier, I wanted a pleasing yet functional way to store my salt near the sink. After some contemplation, I decided on making a Rainbow of Epsom Salt.

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