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Green Frog Publishing: Hybrid Adult Coloring Books Review

Green Frog Publishing: The Adirondacks, Where We Live, Fractals and National Parks of the UK and Ireland Adult Coloring Book Review + Giveaway

One of the things that I love about coloring books is that they give you the ability to escape and visit places you may otherwise not see. Since I am such a fan of coloring, when I was approached by Green Frog Publishing to review their Hybird Adult Coloring Books, I was intrigued with such titles as “Where We Live” and “National Parks of the UK and Ireland”. 

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Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome – October 2017 Review

Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome: October 2017 Review

I am a firm believer that each day should have an element of pure randomness and fun. The best way to have some randomness is in the mail – each day is different and sometimes random and a surprise. Each month when I receive the Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome by That Daily Deal.com my love of randomness is fulfilled. Each month no theme is chosen for this monthly box, but rather a selection of random gender neutral items that will undoubtedly meet a need of yours or a lucky recipient that you were unaware you had.

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Make It By Hand Book Series Review

Make It By Hand: New England Paperscapes and Vintage Coloring & Craft Book Review and Giveaway

There is something about starting with a simple book and being able to create a whole city or town. When I was young I had a book that I could punch out shapes and images, that after colored and assembled, would create a whole cityscape.

As much as fun as I now remember that book was, honestly I had forgotten about it until I received the Make it By Hand Paperscapes and Vintage Coloring Book for review.

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Blue Star Coloring: Master Collection Trio Giveaway

Blue Star Coloring: Quest, Howl and Form Master Collection Coloring Book Trio Giveaway

Some of the best gifts you can give someone is the gift of creativity, and a moment to escape the noise and stress of life. One gift that combines creativity, and stress relief are coloring books.

When I received the Master Collection of coloring books by Blue Star Premier, I thought that these would make the perfect additions to the baskets we give this time of year!

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Stress Relieving Cats – Celebration Edition Adult Coloring Book Review

Stress Relieving Cats: Celebration Edition Adult Coloring Book Review + Giveaway

stress-relieving-cats-celebration-editionThere is no secret, I love cats. I love that each feline you meet has a different personality and a different temperament.

The best example of this is the differences between Maggee and Murfee. When new people enter the house, Maggee wants to meet the human entering her environment. Murfee on the other hand generally holds back, makes sure the person is approved by us and then proceeds to say hello. What makes me curious is that these are two animals that have grown up in the same environment and have been exposed to the same experiences.

Much like humans these balls of fur are shaped by the decisions, experiences and knowledge they have. When I received the Stress Relieving Cats Adult Coloring Book’s Celebration Edition by Blue Star Premier I knew that this would be the perfect coloring book to show all of my cats personality traits! Continue reading

Stress Relieving Animal Designs – Celebration Edition Adult Coloring Book Review

Stress Relieving Animal Designs: Celebration Edition Adult Coloring Book Review and Giveaway

stress-relieving-animal-designs-celebration-editionThere are few things as majestic as the animals at the zoo as the lions, tigers and bears (oh my!).

Since I live in the same town as two notable zoo and animal parks I grew up seeing these majestic creatures not only on my television but as as gust. I have always loved zoo’s and love the care that it is taken into taking care of these animals.

When I saw Stress Relieving Animal Designs: Celebration Edition Adult Coloring Book by Blue Star Premier I remembered and thought of all those animals I share my town with.  Continue reading

Holiday Parade: A Christmas Adult Coloring Book Review

Holiday Parade: A Christmas Adult Coloring Book Review and Giveaway

holiday-parade-adult-coloring-book-giveawayWhen I think of parades, there are two holidays that come to mind. The first is July 4th and the independence and the second is the Christmas.

Each year there is an annual parade in the county I live in and even the water there are holiday parades. There is something magical about seeing the snowmen, the Santa’s and the reindeer. My favorite is the colors and the lights, and the decorations. The moving images bring the holiday season to life in a very positive and happy way.

When I received a copy of Holiday Parade: A Christmas Adult Coloring Book by Blue Star Coloring I thought of the holiday season that is brought to life in a magical way.  Continue reading

New Belgium Brewing: Adult Coloring Book Review

New Belgium Brewing: Adult Coloring Book Review and Giveaway

new-belgium-brewing-coloring-bookAs I drive around town I have noticed a new trend – craft breweries. I live in San Diego County and as luck would have it, the county is home to more than 100 breweries, microbreweries, and brewpubs which makes for many options for cuisine and beer.

The one brewery that is not near us is New Belgium, a craft brewery that is located in Ft. Collins Colorado. This craft brewery began on a bike ride through Belgium brewery to brewery. Through hard work and wide distribution New Belgium has become the 3rd largest craft brewery, and the 8th overall brewery in the United States.

Since my husband is a fan of craft breweries I knew when I saw the New Belgium Brewing: Adult Coloring Book this would be a book that we both would enjoy. Continue reading