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On a more personal note: A Story Of Return After Loss

The Incredibly Way This Journal Was Returned To Me

Almost a decade ago my life was very different than it is today. I was married to another man and desperately unhappy. When the ultimate end happened and we separated I was forced into putting almost all of my personal effects into storage, and because of the frantic nature of our separation I had to put everything in boxes for a undetermined amount of time. I had about 28 days to find a new home for me and my beloved cat Sebastian which was 190 miles and 3 hours from where I was currently living. To say I was under a time deadline is a understatement.

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When Strength is Found in the Routine

When Strength is Found in the Routine

When the word routine pops in your head, I am sure you are thinking of the definition which is a sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program.

A couple of weeks ago I woke up early to take my father to the hospital for what should have been a routine procedure to improve blood flow in his lower legs. The main reason I thought this would be so routine was that he had literally had the same surgery with spectacularly positive results a couple weeks prior. This first surgery started at 8 and by 9:30 I had a call that he would be released around noon.

When we entered the hospital and began to repeat the same process we had 14 days prior, I was worried but mainly was looking forward to the process being over, and having my father healthy again.

I stayed with him until the last moment when they wheeled him away and decided that I would pick up some donuts for the nurses (it happened to be Nurses Appreciation Week) to deliver when I returned to pick him up. I drove home wondering if I was making the right decision to leave, wondering if I was really treating this as routine, and not giving it the thought and seriousness I should. Should I stay? Should I go home? I wrestled with that decision and in the end decided to head home.

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2 years later .. 3 Lessons I Have Learned

2 Years .. 3 Lessons I have Learned Since I Lost My Grandma

gramma-in-1937Today marks the 2 year anniversary of the loss of my grandmother – Shirley. This was my father’s mother and the most consistent female in my life. Since I grew up with a single father, my grandmother was the closest female and the most constant in my life. As I look back she never missed an event, or special moment in my life despite having 6 other grandchildren to think about. There was little that would stop her, as we discovered when despite being sick, and having dental pain she still came to our wedding BBQ about a year before she passed!

Sadly with the loss of my grandmother came many emotions and feelings that I did not know I would feel . The following are 3 things I have learned since her passing ..

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Our Favorite Freebies – September 2016

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Our Favorite Freebies – September 2016

Who does not love freebies!? Here are our favorite freebies for the month of September 2016 – each of these are free and require little more than registering your email or paying just shipping/handling.

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Rachael Ray Nutrish Cat and Dog Food – Head over to the Nurtrish website and get a sample of cat food, if the free sample is unavailable be sure to check out the coupons and check back often as these are always replenished.

******PERSONAL CARE ******

Nivea Men – Fill out the easy form and get a free sample of Nivea Men Creme.

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