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A Daughters View of Her Father’s Lung Cancer: One Step Forward, One Step Back

One Step Forward, One Step Back

The one thing that I have learned during this past 6 weeks is that when there is one step forward there can be a couple steps back.

In early March we learned of my father’s diagnosis of 4th stage lung cancer, and had a precarious week waiting for a pesky tumor to be removed.

Luckily that tumor was removed without any further complications, and he was released from the hospital and was able to go home. Sadly, only about 5 days after his return home he took a fall that lead him right back to the hospital for a couple of days, and into skilled nursing for some rehab.

Everything was proceeding as normal at skilled nursing for about 5 days until I received a call that they were rushing him back to the hospital – they think he had a stroke

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A Daughters View of Her Father’s Lung Cancer: The Diagnosis

The Discovery of the Long Journey Ahead

March 2nd, 2018 began like any other day, but by the end the date would makes itself memorable and known.

I was taking a nap since I had not slept well the night before, and at about 12:00 PM I received a text from my father that said “911 on way to Scripps” shortly followed by texts from my fathers neighbors that had words like “ambulance”, “your dad’s house” and “what happened”. My initial reaction was confusion as I had just woken up, and then panic.

Luckily, his particular Friday, my husband was home, and he was able to keep a calm that I was unable to attain. I did not know which hospital within this particular health system my father was being transported to, but started closest to our homes.

Again, luck was on my side, and when I spoke to the ER he had just arrived and we were less than 5 minutes away! We literally arrived before a doctor even saw him.  Continue reading