71 thoughts on “FramedArt.com Review

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  2. Scott Poston

    We don’t have a fave artist, but really like the modern abstract style, and things that are uplifting.

  3. Mary Beth Elderton

    I don’t know that I have a “favorite.” My son and DIL just got two gorgeous Monet prints. I love some of Van Gogh’s paintings.

  4. Julie

    I don’t know that much about art, so my taste is pretty basic. I’d say van Gogh is probably my favorite.

  5. JIll

    I do not have a favorite artist or style. I like all different types of art work & mediums.

  6. Fiona N

    My favorite artist is Isaac Levitan. I love his Golden Autumn!
    Thank You for the chance

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  8. mechele johnson

    My favorite artist is Charles Edenshaw. He is a Northwest Coast Native American artist.

  9. Harmony lee

    tough question!! I love ?Dali, but am also a huge fan of the pinup styles of Vargas

  10. clynsg

    There are so many types and styles of art that it is impossible to pick one as a favorite–and even those I like sometimes have what I consider a dud!

  11. Sadie Terry

    Idk haven’t thought about it in a long time, i guess I’ll have to go with my old favorite- Alex Pardee


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