75 thoughts on “LaFaza Vanilla Holiday Giveaway!!

  1. melody hodge

    My favorite is Ginger Bread cookies. You can decorate them with the kids and have a blast. We do it every year.

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  3. Debra S

    My fav holiday cookie to make are the Pecan Crescents. OH my gosh how buttery and melty in your mouth those are. I cannot stop eating them when I do make them.. OH and the Dutch Banket. The hubby loves that.

  4. Barrie

    My favorite holiday cookie to make is Russian tea Cakes. They don’t taste as good as when my great grandma made them but I can still eat way too many at a time ! LOL

  5. Debbie Welchert

    My favorite cookie to make are cut out cookies with lots of buttercream frosting.

  6. Arielle

    I love making garam masala cookies using Indian spice mix. They feel warm like gingerbread but have a unique taste to them.

  7. Cindy Peterson

    My Grandmothers’ gingersnap cookies are the essence of Christmas at our house.

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  9. Scott Poston

    I love Russian wedding cookies- so pretty and not everyone makes them, so they are fun to serve.

  10. DailyWoman (Lacey)

    Sugar Cookies are my favorite so this vanilla sugar would be a great addition.

  11. Debra Miller

    I love to make Pralines. Perfect way to use your Vanilla! So excited and fingers crossed!

  12. Rosanne

    I rarely if ever make cookies but my daughter in law and her family do. I like her sugar cookies.

  13. chickie brewer

    Sugar cookies are my favorite to bake with my granddaughter and of course so much fun to decorate!

  14. Jeanne Coulombe

    I love cooking with vanilla and I bet your vanilla is extremely good. Please give me the chance to cook with your vanilla my family will thank you!

  15. Terri Irvin

    It is a toss up between Rosenmunnar (Swedish Thumbprint cookies) and Pepparkakor (cookie dough rolled into shapes, we make pigs as is Swedish custom).

  16. Crystal Gomez

    I like making sugar cookies the most! We do a bunch of different shapes and decorate each one differently!

  17. Amy Deeter

    My favorite holiday cookie to bake is peanut butter cookies with Hershey kisses on top


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