Cave Tools: Salad Spinner & Large Serving Bowl Set Review

Cave Tools: Salad Spinner & Large Serving Bowl Set Review + Giveaway

cavetools-salad-spinnerWhen you start making meals at home, there are certain tools that make the job easier. There are the obvious time savers like knives, and chopping and frying.

On the flip side there are the tools that will make life easier, but as beginning home chefs these items are unknown to us. Since we are cooking at home more we are adding salads and fruits to our meals as a side note to the protein.

When I was re-approached by Cave Tools with an opportunity to review their new items, I was interested since I have had the chance to review other products of theirs. When I discovered it was a Salad Spinner & Large Serving Bowl Set I was excited, as we needed one.

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Cave Tools. This post may contain affiliate links, but these facts will not influence the review or my opinion.

The Cave Tools Salad Spinner & Large Serving Bowl Set is an 2 piece set that includes the spinner with a large bowl.

salad-spinner-partsSince we are fans of fresh fruit in our house, we used this to dry off some strawberries, and found that it was smooth and easy to use.

The spin is not so fast that it will bruise or smoosh your food, but instead it is a solid spin that dries food.

This salad spinner features the ability to assist in food preparation since it can spin the following items – fruits, vegetables, berries, peppers, pasta, leafy greens, and more! The drain lid is vented which makes it easy to pour the water out of the spinner.

I had some concern about the spin until I spun it. The base is non skid and all the remaining water goes into the larger bowl, making water removal easy. As an added bonus this is dishwasher safe and comes apart as easy as it comes together.

Overall this is a nice looking and easy to use spinner that would make a great addition in any kitchen it is added to!

If you do not have a salad spinner – I recommend you getting a Cave Tools Salad Spinner & Large Serving Bowl Set

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63 thoughts on “Cave Tools: Salad Spinner & Large Serving Bowl Set Review

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  2. Sherryl S.

    My favorite time saver is having a good set of sharp knives and a good cutting board.

  3. Elizabeth Ray

    My electric tea maker can also bring water to a boil in a flash. I rarely make tea, but almost instant boiling? Wonderful!

  4. Julie Bickham

    It would be my veggie chopper. Just cut them into chunks quick, put them in the chopped and pull the string. It dices them so quick!

  5. marthalynnr

    I have so many kitchen gadgets, it’s a bit ridiculous! But my favorite is probably my Instant Pot. That thing has changed how I cook in the best way. And my KitchenAid is easily a close second!

  6. Arielle

    I love my new food processor! We made shredded potato pancakes this weekend and what would take 1/2 hour of grating took 30 seconds!

  7. Isra

    My handy shredder! It comes in two styles and is super easy to use and i can adjust it to create tiny or larger shreds.

  8. Wanda Bee

    I love my food chopper/dicer. Nice to not have to cut up all my onions by hand.

  9. binabug

    LOL, my daughter is my favorite kitchen time saver. She is done her schooling and is moving to another province at the end of Oct. We have been enjoying her cooking for a few months now and will be sad when she moves off to her next adventure. I currently work a later shift then my husband (who is diabetic), so its very nice to have an in house cook!! As well our days off are not at the same time, so for us, she is the best thing in the kitchen!!

  10. Heather D

    I have good knives. It may be dangerous since I’m clumsy but it makes cuts faster and easier.

  11. jan

    My kitchen time saver is washing the produce and fruit before putting it in the fridge or fruit bowl.

  12. Christy eldred

    My yogurt machine – it heats and cools. I dont have to worry about being around for it.

  13. Lesley F

    I use my chopper all the time and make sure everything is prepped before I start cooking

  14. Melissa J

    My favorite kitchen time saver is certain pots that have the draining holes in them so I don’t have to get the strainer out.

  15. Vicki D.

    My crock pot is my time saver. I can put dinner in the oven and when I get home from work it’s done.

  16. Yvonne Delgado

    Time saver in the kitchen: my little chefs (kids) 🙂 Also having a clean slate to work with (clean kitchen the night before)

  17. Leah Shumack

    My microwave (sun) ice tea maker. We go through a lot of tea each week and this helps to not have to manually make it!

  18. vibrantflame

    My Moulinex Meat Grinder. You can get attachments for grating, shredding, slicing…you can even use it to make sausages! I much prefer it to a food processor to be honest. I use it for veggies, cheese, and meats.


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