Gourmet Nuts: Sea Salt Review

 Let me start by saying that the products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Gourmet Nuts. This post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

Gourmet Nuts: Sea Salt Review and Giveaway

Pink Sea Salt and Alderwood SaltI am a simple girl, and because of this it has never dawned on me that salt comes in flavors and varieties. I have only ever used the salt that you purchase for about a a dollar at the store. As I venture further into cooking, I am learning the value of different flavors and the distinctions between different salts.

I have learned that cooking is the not only the proper allocation of heat but the correct application of spices. The most simple and easiest to use seasoning is salt and pepper, and the many variations of those. The simple table salt that you purchase for a dollar is simple on taste but low on flavor and I believe the key is to pack as much flavor as possible in each used seasoning.

Not to long ago I reviewed Gourmet Nuts nuts and snack products, and I discovered that they not only make nut and snack products but they have a variety of salts available.

Gourmet Nut was generous enough to sent me the Himalayan Pink Salt and the Northwest Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt to sample, each of which are gluten-free. These salts come with a built-in grinder for ease of use and are simple to use.

Pink Salt closeupHimalayan Pink Salt: This is a pure and hand-mined salt that located and found in the Himalayan Mountains. Due to the pristine conditions of the mountains, these are clean salt crystals that are of a “Gourmet Food Grade” which means that this is a higher quality of salt then the typical table salts. The Himalayan Pink Salt is the perfect salt for cooking, seasoning, roasting and grilling. This is going to be the standard salt for use in our home and I can not imagine going back to regular use of table salt.

Northwest Alderson SaltNorthwest Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt: The first thing I noticed was how good this salt smelled – the smoked smell was beyond anything I have ever smelled. This is a Pacific Sea Salt that is slow smoked over real Alderwood. Alderwood is less expensive alternative to cherry wood, therefore making it a desirable wood to burn. This unique flavor of smoking in addition to the salt results in a rich salt that can be used on anything from steak, seafood and anything else you can think of.

Each of these salts serve a unique flavor profile that enhances almost any meal you chose to pair them with. I would recommend if you have never tried a smoked salt, giving this Northwest Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt a try as well as the Himalayan Pink Salt.

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45 thoughts on “Gourmet Nuts: Sea Salt Review

  1. Debra S

    I have not yet tried any gourmet salt at all. I do get sea salt, but it’s just plain salt. I would be interested in trying the smoked salt, bet that would become a favorite.

  2. Carolsue

    I have never tried any of the gourmet salts, but my friends rave about the Pink Sea Salt — so I want to try that.

  3. Ruy M.

    To my knowledge, I haven’t tried a gourmet sea salt. I’ve always wanted to try Himalayan pink salt.

  4. Cindy Peterson

    I do like the pink Himalayan salt for cooking. I do have black truffle salt that is a great way to add subtle truffle flavoring.

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  6. Michelle Coles

    I have never tried a gourmet sea salt but it sure sounds like something I want to try!

  7. Kimberly Singh

    I have not tried any gourmet salts but I would love to try some. I think I would be the most interested in trying the Pink Himalaya Salt.

  8. Debbie F

    My favorite gourmet salt is the Pink Himalayan salt… who uses plain old salt anymore? 😀
    to me it definitely has a different taste…plain table salt tastes really harsh.

  9. Sandy Cain

    Pink Himalayan Salt is very special.. Not just for eating, but it has medicinal values, too!

  10. Lizzie

    I love using himalayan pink salt on just about everything these days. But wow, I would certainly love to try that smoked sea salt, it sounds delicious.

  11. Erin Pitts

    I haven’t tried any gourmet salts before but I definitely want to. I’ve also seen pyramid salt before which fascinates me.

  12. candy kratzer wenzel

    I have seen them for sale at T.J. Maxx but never bought any. Would love exploring their flavors in different foods.

  13. Lyndsey R.

    My favorite is Himalayan Pink Salt. Although I have never tried this brand and would like to! Thanks for the chance.


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