Eazee Deshedding Tool for Pets by Foolee Review

Brushing and Spending Time With Maggee and the Eazee Deshedding Tool – Review & Giveaway

If there is one thing on earth Maggee loves more than just about anything is brushing. When we adopted her from our local shelter one of our first priorities was to get her adjusted to the brush.

Each night we diligently brushed her, making sure we did not hurt her, or press to hard. Our goal was to make brushing a pleasurable thing and something she looked forward to, rather then fear. It took about a month or so, but she soon learned that no matter what brush, she loved it. As her guardians this made us happy, we knew that if it was fleas or knots, she would allow us to brush and inspect her.

Since that initial month we have been on a search for the one brush that she loves over the others. Also, since she has super dense fur our brush options can be a little limiting. When I saw the new Eazee Deshedding Brush I knew we had to give it a try, for Maggee.

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I received a yellow Eazee Deshedding Brush by Foolee for Maggee and Murfee for review.

The day that I decided to use the Eazee Deshedding Brush  it is as if she knew that I had a brush for her. One of the first things I always do when I open something that is meant for the cats is let them sniff the item. This allows them to “scent” the items, and make it their own.

After Maggee sniffed and scented her new brush, I began to brush her. She took to it like a duck to water. It was instant love, for both cat and guardian.

This brush is comfortable and easy to hold while remaining easy to brush through her fur. The brush comes with 2 variations of the comb, a thin toothed and a regular toothed brush.

One of the important things when dealing with a brush is the removal of the fur that is removed from the cat. The Eazee Deshedding Brush has a simple slide that retracts the teeth and thus releases the hair.

The Eazee Deshedding Brush has no sharp edges, which is a nice concern not to have since Maggee and Murfee love to “scent” items. It is in the human and pets best interest to be brushed often, as it keeps the coat shiny and keeps random fur at a minimum.

We loved this brush and am so happy that Maggee also loved it. Murfee also liked the Eazee Deshedding Brush but he gets over-stimulated easy so the brushing for him was limited.


See what Maggee thought with our YouTube Video!


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41 thoughts on “Eazee Deshedding Tool for Pets by Foolee Review

  1. aecharlebois

    Oh man! Keala, the 2 year old tiger mix, sheds like crazy! I’m constantly trying to brush her. It’s useless trying to keep clothing, blankets, sheets, etc from being covered in her hair. I’m not sure if Jayce, the 3 month old little panther (JK), will shed or not. I’ve seen some hairs come from him, but he’s still too young to determine what his fur will be like.

  2. paulinemilner

    Goodness, Casey sheds enough in the run of a week that we could build a new dog! He has white hair and we have hardwood floors so we are constantly sweeping and vacuuming. The only thing we are thankful for is that there is only carpeting on the entryway stairs!

  3. Cynthia Conley

    My cat sheds a little all year round but tends to shed more in the warm weather months.

  4. Catherine Lewis

    Well, I call my cat “fur ball” because where ever she goes there is a cloud of fur in the air all around her. Year around! I would LOVE one of these to help me with this problem.

  5. Darcy L Koch

    My cat doesn’t seem to shed in the fall and spring (??), but she sure does the other 2 seasons. She, too, loves being brushed.

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  7. John Smith

    “Does your pet shed during seasonal changes or year-round?” Our cat sheds all the time. I’ve practically given up on the whole situation!

  8. Kim Avery

    I rescued a Maltese in December and she started shedding like crazy in May or June. If we keep her trimmed up she’s not so bad.

  9. Victoria Scott

    Our cat sheds year round, but worse in the Spring, shedding his winter coat. Even though he’s always been an indoor cat LOL

  10. Jen D

    My dog Tillie is a Bichon so she doesn’t shed, but my cat Libby seems to always be shedding. lol

  11. Cyndie Walls

    I don’t have a cat but I do have 2 dogs and this will be great to use on them! Mine don’t shed that much but this would still work for grooming after bathing Lucy and Buttercup! Great review and giveaway! Thanks for sharing this information with us!

  12. Stacie Weaver

    I have a shorthair cat with the most bizarre fur ever – if I don’t brush him regularly, he actually get dreadlocks! I’d love to have this for him!

  13. clynsg

    Since we have multiple cats and dogs, shedding is a continual problem and it is hard to know which one/ones are shedding the most. But we do have lots of ‘fur’ to be cleaned up all year round!

  14. Jessica Bedel

    My sheltie sheds so much, I could make a sweater with his fur. It’s just… Everywhere! When I brush him, I always end up with a tiny, invisible hair in the back of my mouth. Then I spend the rest of the day gagging and hacking, trying to get it out. I seriously need a brush like this!

  15. willitara

    My cats seem to shed year round. Every day the carpet seems covered with clumps of fur and the beds and couch are always full of fur.

  16. Lisa L

    With three cats, we have at least two hairball piles a week. It would be great to cut back on that.

  17. Wendy McBride

    I have dogs that both shed year round! They love brushing with my old hairbrush and I know they would really love brushed with one of those!


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