77 thoughts on “World of Munchies Red, White & Blue Snacker Box Review

  1. Lacey Burd

    My go-to snack is popcorn. But, if I’m craving chocolate, I love Lindt truffles 🙂

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  4. jessica garcia

    Snickers bars , and peanut butter cups or pieces 😉 taffy and now and laters as well !!

  5. Kristy Richie

    I love all kinds of snacks… especially chocolate covered pretzels and sour kids gummy watermelon.

    1. Jhenberger Post author

      If you want to try a good chocolate covered pretzel I recommend the Glutino Chocolate Pretzels. Also the Glutino Salted Caramel Pretzels are awesome and they are both gluten-free!

  6. Angela Saver

    My favorite snack is homemade peanut butter cookies! A healthier option is cut up banana or Apple with peanut butter.

  7. Kristina Potter

    My absolute go to favorite snack I would say is lemon drops!!! Next would be pecans and chocolate!!!

  8. Annamarie V

    My all time favorite snack is popcorn, I like it made on the stove but occasionally I buy a bag.

  9. Linda Bradshaw

    I love chocolate. I really love dark chocolate now which is strange because I would always throw it away.


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