House of Doolittle Review

House of Doolittle: 2016 Calendar and 2016 Meeting Planner Review

House of Doolittle Calendar and Meeting PlannerThere are a few times of year that, as a child, I looked forward to. One of them was right before I went back to school in September and I got to purchase all the supplies that would take me through the new year. My second favorite time was in mid November when the new years calendars would be released.

Each year I would purchase a Ziggy themed desk calendar. I would patiently wait for the year to turn over to January 1st so that i could begin my adventure with Ziggy. I loved this calendar and I loved that the color was a simple shade of green. I was very sad when I could no long find this calendar and I often wonder why it was taken off the market when it obviously had a fan.

Each year I set out to create a calendar comparable to that desk calendar of days gone by. Despite my best efforts, each year I come up short so when I was sent the House of Doolittle 3 Month Vertical Compact Wall Calendar and House Of Doolittle Meeting Planner I knew my 2016 calendar needs were met.

I received the following products House of Doolittle 3 Month Vertical Compact Wall Calendar and House Of Doolittle Meeting Planner:

House of Doolittle CalendarHouse of Doolittle 3 Month Vertical Compact Wall Calendar: This is a hanging wall calendar that measures 8″ x 17″ and hangs flat against the wall. Each page features a three-month time frame and has a little space to make simple date reminders on. This calendar runs December to January, which is a 14 month time span and always shows the month before and month after. I do wish there was more space to make notes on the calendar, but for a quick visual planning reference this calendar works perfect!

House of Doolittle Meeting Planner all anglesHouse Of Doolittle Meeting Planner: This wire bound spiraled book not only has room for 110 meetings but also lies flat which makes it much easier to write as you progress throughout the book. The cover is a hard leatherette that makes it durable and professional looking.

When I was reading up on the uses of this meeting planner I came upon an idea. This meeting planner would be ideal for a person who has many doctor appointments or caregivers of those with many doctor appointments. By using this planner and taking notes, important information can be easily shared with other important parties.

Since I am a calendar and note lover this combination was a slam dunk for me. I love the ease of the calendar and the ability to make my meetings more productive as well as me remembering the events that took place during the meetings!

I would recommend this to business owners, health care workers and everyone else who needs to keep the details of a meeting!

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