Win a Vidalia Chip Wizard -As Seen On TV Giveaway

Win a Vidalia Chop Wizard – As Seen On TV Giveaway

With the holidays approaching the biggest problem that I have as an amateur home chef is consistency in my cuts, but with the Vidalia Chop Wizard it makes the slicing and dicing of the holidays a breeze.

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Included in the package for the Vidalia Chop Wizard is the following –

The Vidalia Chop Wizard chops or dices in one swift motion and includes 2 chopping blade’s with a built in storage. Also included is a lid cleaning tool. With the Chop Wizard you can easily do the following –

  • Chopped veggies and fruit are sent cleanly and easily into the clear compartment beneath the blade
  • It is able to stand it on its side, and it works as a measuring cup with indicators for up to 2 cups
  • It is also dishwasher safe

If you are looking for a easy time saving food preparation device, the Vidalia Chop Wizard is what you have been looking for.


Click here to learn more about Chop Wizard

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GIVEAWAY: DealsAmongUs is giving one Vidalia Chop Wizard to one lucky reader! (1) lucky winner will be selected at random to win 1 – Vidalia Chop Wizard with 2 insert disks and one cleaning tool – This is a $19.95 value! I will be randomly choosing 1 person on November 19th (11/19/2017) to receive this chopping wizard! Open to residents in the US and Canada only. To enter complete the entries below! Winner will be notified by DealsAmongUs by email and prize will be fulfilled by Amazon via DealsAmongUs. Remember you have 48 hours to claim prize, or I will choose another winner. GOOD LUCK!!!

Win a Vidalia Chop Wizard

53 thoughts on “Win a Vidalia Chip Wizard -As Seen On TV Giveaway

  1. Stephanie LaPlante

    Cut everything in advance so you can just grab ingredients from the refrigerator.

  2. Lisa V.

    I do as much advance meal prep for the week (e.g., chopping vegetables, shaping and baking meatballs without sauce, etc.) as I can on weekends. That way weeknight meals cometogether much faster and easier!

  3. lyndac1968

    Make sure to clean and chop all veggies after buying so they are ready for whenever you need them, and wash dishes as you go so there isn’t one big pile of dirty dishes when your done

  4. Sandy Klocinski

    The most time saving device is reading recipes to their fullest before starting. That way you have time to start and sometimes finish certain instructions, while others are in the works.

  5. Darcy L Koch

    I save time by cutting veggies the night before I need them. I also, make sure all ingredients are on hand.

  6. Annamarie V

    I make sure everything is prepped and measured out, this is great if I don’t have much time to get dinner ready when I get home.

  7. Katie Bellamy

    When I cook, I try and clean as I go. I don’t have a huge mess when I’m done!

  8. Debbie Welchert

    I like to chop all the foods that need to be chopped the night before and then put in refrigerator, so it’s really to go the next day for my recipe.

  9. sheila ressel

    I cook up meals for the week and freeze them so I only have to heat them up when it’s dinner time.

  10. Kim Avery

    I always pre cut , dice or chop my fruits or veggies and have them stored in the refrigerator when ready to use.

  11. julielundstrom

    My only time saving tip is to do as much prep ahead of time so that it takes less time to cook for the hungry kids.

  12. Linda

    To save time in the kitchen, I like to prep vegetables the day before I have to do a big cook.

  13. Lisa Johnson

    After making dinner or any meal I put hot water in the hot pot or pan and after dinner it’s not so hard to clean up and I pick up our dishes and give a prerinse before the dishwasher takes over!!!

  14. Laurie Nykaza

    I like to do the shopping in the morning before im going to make dinner that evening with my veggies.

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  16. Ryan Campbell

    Get things ready before you start cooking (spices, knives, cutting boards, etc.)

  17. clynsg

    If you are cooking/baking for a large group or to freeze and save, set up an assembly line process. If it worked for Henry Ford, it can work for you!

  18. Margot C

    Chop up stuff ahead of time then put it in containers then roast it or stir-fry it or whatever you want.


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