55 thoughts on “Rice’s Honey: Northern and Southern California Honey Review

  1. Lisa V.

    My favorite use for honey is making peanut butter, honey, and raisin sandwiches. The same combo is also great on toasted English muffins.

  2. Brenda Goldberg

    Love peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Live in So cal and would love to try some local honey!

  3. snowlark2

    A couple of my favorite ways to use on is in cold/hot cereal, on bread with butter or peanut butter and also as a dipping sauce with chicken.

  4. Michelle Catallo

    My kids are my little honey bears (self-proclaimed too) and we enjoy honey on bread and butter. I use it in so much more though: Yogurt, snacks, bread making, and more.


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