80 thoughts on “Dr. Jacobs Naturals: Rose Liquid and Bar Soap Review

  1. jennifer bowen

    i love all rose’s but the blue rose i find to be kind of neat but the yellow rose is one iwill go with

  2. Alexandra Campbell

    I love all the colors I have ever seen a rose be, but I love Peach and yellow roses! you can get free flowers from my Dillon’s so I get a bunch of flower from my family! ^.^

  3. doug g.

    I love the ones classified as “Peace” , a wonderful creamy tone with very light pink and yellow variations of color throughout

  4. Christy DuBois

    I love roses in every color I’ve ever seen. But I saw one in a vibrant orange/coral that was breathtaking.

  5. Jen D

    All roses are lovely, but my favorite ones are the pink cottage roses that grow in my yard – they smell amazing!!

  6. Amy Castellano

    It’s hard to pick- I love all roses. But I like unique colors like periwinkle or purple.

  7. clynsg

    I don’t think I have ever seen a rose of any color that I did not like, but my favorite is a soft pink.

  8. stella methvin

    A rose is a rose is a rose, which means I love any of them, especially on my dining room table.


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